Does Herb Spitzer Surf?

for fuck sake!! I have an internet stalker that is screwing with me. Just go to the Harbour website and look at all the slingblade is a fag garbage, slingblade jr. ect. that this imposter has posted. I wish Mr. Paler could clear my name by checking my IP address or something. I am getting sick of this crap. Anyone can post under any name and post what ever they want. Without having to log in like on Harbour website, I am helpless vs this imposter. I think Herb is a red dude, and I would never say anything to insult him. I have people posting as me in the website as well. I wish I could do something to prevent this from happening. To Mr. Spitzer, I hope that you can ignore this assholes post and keep in mind that I have tons of respect for you. When I wanted to start shaping, Herb was going to donate some shop vac hose and what ever I needed to get started. I am sick of this BS!! I once posted that I didnt think Herb could air higher than Taj Barrows, and this mess started with people trying to throw logs on a cold coal. Please if you dont believe me, go to the harbour website and look at all the "slingblade is a fag, slingblades mom is a slut posts. Sorry Herb.

… have fun!

Hey everyone! I’m a kook. I wannabe a shaper, surfer, and etc. Please don’t give me a hard time, I have no friends. Can I be like you guys?