Does Herb Spitzer Surf?

Or is he just a bag of hot air.In the past Herb has claimed he surfs like unreal???lol!!! I read here how he can make a half half looking board,but did any of you see him catch a wave and ride it rather than peril and dive like a kook that I think he is?Can he surf or is he just a punked kook!

everyone, please ignore this post. thanks, j.

He surfs very very well. And he does many other things very very well. Best of all, he posts positive, informative things using his real name. I’m not sure I can say the same about you…

I don’t know Herb but I thought he did himself proud in the water. He was getting nice waves even when it was only on the smallish side of rideable and he’s got a good vibe with everyone in the water which isn’t always easy to come by (especially in Big Sur). Thanks Mike and John Mellor.

…There’s no need for this here,Slingy.Go back to Harbour’s site, he seems to tolerate your abrasive posts better.Herb

I saw him getting great speed and long rides on a 6’2" fish when the rest of us were humping around on long boards. I don’t think I could do that. S.

…and Herb is one of the most honest, generous people I have met in a long, long time. Not to mention the fact that he hand shapes and glasses truly PERFECT surfboards. This guy deserves tons of respect. S.

I refuse to surf with people that arent fun. in another place and time surf culture thrives on this attitude I guess this means hedoes’nt want on the life boat …too bad…good fortune Mr blade…dont cut yourself…ambrose…oh yea the life boat is invisible to some and glowing gold to others…ambrose …nice wave herb

Yea, he can surf. Lots of people surf real good. Not too many are as generous as Herb though! I am not sure if any one has mentioned the beautiful longboard he gave to Mike Paler last weekend. People in this community are into givin’ not slingin’ Roger

For the record I would never put a post on any BB other Rich Harbours. It would be hypocritical to do so. But as long as Im here- Donovan Frankenriter stepped on my toes… I was drinking with Sunny Garcia at the Surfline party…and then David Nuuhiwa had his hand on my ____as we exchanged some ____, and pounded another Rainbow at Aloha Grill. I have some great USO parties to attend this weekend… I have some ___ friends on the tour that add me to the guest lists. WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!

Sorry j, but anonymous hurtful comments of someone deserving of respect need an answer, if only to show respect and support for the injuried party. I don’t know Herb, have never met him, and haven’t seen him surf. I have , however, observed his generosity, willingness to share, and kindness for a number of years on this site. Accordingly, he should get any wave he wants even if he is riding one of those blow up White Sharks sold at corner stores. As far as surfboard construction is concerned: A couple of years back I noticed he was the only one willing to tackle a question regarding the concentration of cobalt and DMA. He actually knew the effects of changing the percentages at a practical level. From then on he had my respect. Patrick

Yeah, Herb can surf and very well. His boards (both skate and surf) are unreal and work great, I know this because I rode the sweet 9’1" he made for Mike. He is incredibly stoked, kind and giving and I was calling him friend before I ever set eyes on him. Thanks for the chargers Herb. I never got a chance to tell you, but I shaped myself a fish. Something probably would not/could not have done without all the good advice you have given me over the past couple of years. Thanks again for spreading the wealth. Scott

“SlingBlade” posts in bulletin board, Swaylocks Surfboard Design Forum, and in “Harbour Surf Talk”, 468+ posts “I would never put a post on any BB other than this one. It would be unprofessional to do so.” (Rich Harbour in reference to Steve Brom) (8/1/03 10:08 pm), “US Open” “This US Open has been fun so far. Donovan Frankenriter stepped on my toes (flip-flops)…Was drinking with sunny garcia at the surfline party today… and just one hour ago, David Nuuhiwa had his hand on my shoulder as we exchanged some BS, and pounded another rainbow at aloha grill. I have some great USO parties to attend this weekend… I have some friends on the tour that add me to the guest lists. WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!” (2/15/03 10:17 pm), “Jim Phillips shaped Harbours?” “Rich…I read on swaylocks that Jim Phillips shaped for you…is this true? Can you tell me about your experience with Jim(the genius(lol) Phillips???”…m+phillips Conclusion: the more you muck through his posts, the worse they stink… “SlingBlade” should be known as “Stinkblade”

So what Slingblade?I can’t surf anymore because of arthritis and other injuries.I built a lot of boards over the last 40 years and learned some great stuff from some of the best craftsmen around, and I enjoy sharing the knowledge.Guess I should go away eh?

Yes, very well…In fact at the end of one ride I witnessed Herb do a full backflip off his board…Not bad for a guy in his mid-40’s…I asked him about it later and he said he did it since the wave didn’t have enough juice to execute a more radical manouver on it… …Herb Rules… PaulJensen

Slingblade, The answer to all of your questions can be found in the archives. Let go of your anger. Go catch yourself a wave. Or better yet, share a wave with someone else. Live Aloha. Be like Herb.


And? You’re an ass.

coomon man why are you ragging some other guy, eh? whats that gonna produce positively? Especially herb, dont know him but from his posts hes helped me and tons of other people out alot. So comon dood, thats really not too cool, and even if he didnt surf and made a bunch of killer boards whats wrong with that?? but im sure every shaper out there surfs, or had been good at it when they were younger at least. not cool man.

Yes he can surf, but that it is not the only thing he is good at. He is a very generous person with all his knowledge and wisdom. he also is a very giving person when it comes to tools and other stuff. Yes I have met him a couple of times and each time is more of a pleasure. Herb you ROCK. Mark Scott