does Santa exist for Shapers ?

For myself at forties’ … will say … yes !

and thanks to Virutex… not a magic blue pill…, just a “blue” curved abrasive planer that’s just magical (acurate and smooth ( but twice longer )!!!

Hope it will help some of you, who are (as me) not that easy with a classic electric planer when skinning and shaping a blank, especially in the nose area.

For me, as one of Santas head elves, Christmas is very important. I work all year long, making all the good boys toys, some very bad girls get toys too, but I like building the toys that put the smile on their faces best. This year, there will be some really big smiles on Christmas morning from the boys and girls that get the toys that I built for Santa

While I don’t consider myself as a shaper, more of a builder of boards, I know one young niece who’s going to have a huge smile on her face when she see’s what she’s getting for Christmas.

And the fact that she’s going to help finish it off will make her understand the work that goes into it and increase it’s emotional value…

Santa lives…don’t deny it, look at the faces of your children on Christmas morning, he’s in all of us whether you believe or not…