Does that board ring something for someone?

As the title says. That board belongs to a friend in Biarritz and I’m just curious… Only photo I’ve got. Haven’t seen the board in real myself. Any of you has a take on it?

Hi Balsa , there are 4 of those Healthways decals on the Stanlys web site both for California and Waikiki , thats all I got .

Hi Balsa

Wow, Healthways - classic pop-out from the '60s, may have continued into the early '70s. Though thinking about it, the terms ‘classic’ and ‘pop-out’ should never be put together. 

Healthways was a generic sports company, I think they also sold diving gear ( masks, fins, even SCUBA tanks and regulators) , wetsuits, spear guns and for all I know, basketballs around then. I say ‘sold’ rather than ‘made’, their stuff was produced by others and branded ‘Healthways’ and as Healthways equipment was sold by a lot of sporting goods stores, especially those that went into diving and watersports equipment, they had a lot of markets tother pop-outs didn’t get. These boards were undoubtedly made by one of the pop-out factories, Dextra stickers on one batch, Hawaiian Custom the next and Tuesdays they did Velzys. 

I could easily be wrong, my ever aging memory could be faulty, but I even remember these boards being sold by Sears Roebuck, through their mail-order catalog. Thinking of the poor old postman who had to deliver one of the things… heavy, glassed with either cloth or fiberglass mat, They actually made okay rentals. In a collision between a pop-out and virtually anything else afloat that didn’t have a steel hull, the pop-out would come out ahead.

SammyA will undoubtedly have a lot more on this. 

hope that’s of use


I had a LS beaver tail jacket from Healthways in the late 1960’s (with wrist zippers).  They sold stuff at sporting goods stores, Sears, even K-Mart.

Here’s some company history I found:  “Healthways was founded in the early 1950’s by Dick Klein and went bankrupt in 1962.  Healthways was one of the five original dive equipment manufacturers in the USA (US Divers, Healthways, Voit, Dacor, Swimaster).  Kline was the personal trainer for many movie stars in Hollywood, such as Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, Henry Fonda, and Bob Hope. Kline developed  wide distribution for weight lifting products and training techniques through sporting goods and department stores, and copyrighted the name, slogan, and logo: “Healthways Hollywood, America’s Ways to Health”.  4 months before bankruptcy in 1962, Healthways decided to create a professional line of  dive equipment and hired Dick Bonin and Gustave Della Valle to develop this mission. They chose the name of Scubapro. Dick and Gustave acquired the names Scubapro and Healthways for $1.00 USD after bankruptcy.  In 1974, Dick sold the company to Johnson Wax for $11 million and remained president of Scubapro until his retirement in 1997.”

Here’s another pop-out Healthways for sale:


Thanks for your expertise, guys! I suspected a pop-out. Interesting story, anyway; Scubapro is still a leader in diving gear.