Does this happen to your feet?

I’m a no bootie kinda of guy, just cant stand the lack of connection. I have no problem freezing the feet, even in SC winters

The point is people are alway asking me about my feet,

They say they look purple, or red, this is not after surfing, just general putzing around. Poking my foot its obvious there’s alot of blood, you know it discolors and goes back to purplish redish whatever, kinda like a sunburn. There is no pain, i never thought anything of it until about everybody noticed it.

I wear sandals alot, I’m 6 3", so the blood has a long way to go i guess.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Do they fell hot? or do they feel cold?,…Herb

I’m inclined to agree with you. I only wear booties to protect my feet at nasty reef breaks or when it’s so cold I can’t feel 'em or when they start to turn black and brittle. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you should be feeling/doing.

In the morning before you get out of bed what color are they?

I injured my right foot and had surgery. I have not stood on my right foot since Feb 28th.

The more I stand and sit up the more color my right foot has. The more I lay down or elevate my foot the less color it has.

(less color … being closer to the color of the other foot)

If your color changes based on how much time your feet are down vs up then it is just a circulation issue. If that does not effect it then I don’t know what else to say.

Mine is a result of the injured foot not being used so the lack of use does not help to pump the blood flow through the area.

Gravity is pulling blood down to your feet. That will be $100.00. Dr. Mike

Color is not constant, mornings my feet look normal to the color of the rest of my body, no major injuries, fairly active guy, perhaps its only noticed when i’m standing around (especially drinking, thining blood) i.e letting blood pool. I’m a tall guy and the doctor says i have low BP. All these things add up i suppose, butt…

I figured maybe it was a non-bootie guy thing, such that our bodies decided to up the blood flow to the area based on previous experiences.

In the end it might not be surfing related, just thought i’d ask.


Your probably lucky. All that blood keeps your feet warm so you don’t need the booties. I’m a SoCal refugee/pussy to the Central Coast and I always wear booties and a hood. If you’re really worried check with yer other doctor. Other than me. Mike

My friend’s feet do the same thing, but I’m in Florida and booties are not prominent, so I doubt it’s a booties issue. I tell him he has poor circulation to his feet but I’m no doctor.

I folded my foot in half getting stuck in the foot straps while sailboarding in the surf. That sucker turned almost black for 2 weeks until the swelling and fluids started draining away from it. Every evening, with it on the back of the couch to get the swelling down from being on it for the day, no more casts for me

Most likely it’s a circulation issue, low BP compounded by the fact that you’re a big guy. On the plus side your feet are warm… mine get numb after an hour surf 6-7 months out of the year… and I live in SoCal… so feel good. I wear booties in the winter because it doesn’t matter, a numb foot is as insensitive as one with a bootie on it.

Are your ankles swollen?


I’m 5’10" and my feet started to discolor about a couple or years ago. I’ve been surfing since before I could walk, and only wear boots when the water becomes unbearingly cold. I walk around barefoot a lot and wear sandals when I HAVE to wear shoes. Very rarely will I wear socks and shoes.

I’m 22. Basically, my feet started to discolor, almost looking swollen - but they didnt hurt. Now, the entire bottom of my foot is calloused, and looks pretty gnarly :frowning: They say you can get it sanded off or some crap - pedicure? I dunno. I’m not down for that…I like my feet the way they are, but like I said, they look gnarly :frowning:

But what is happening to your feet sounds similiar to what I’ve been through. Just thought I’d offer some help.

Another thing that was suggested to me was that you might wanna start using deck pads instead of wax. I have no idea how that would help, but people have told me that’s why my feet look like elephant skin.

Mr lamb, shoes are on a need to wear basis, i agree whole heartedly.

As far as big callouses, i dont have those, would not mind them, then if i stepped on sharp stuff it would not hurt.

Especially those little spiky balls in the dirt over at sunset cliffs, I know someone here has stepped on those infernal things.

The only downside i’ve heard of with callouses is if they crack.


I call those little f-ers sand spurs. Man, do they hurt. I made the walk to Newbs one warm afternoon barefoot. My feet were pretty tough in that I was in the Dojo barefoot 6 days a week. By the time I got to Newbs I had blood blisters under the callouses from the heat of the dirt. Tried to surf. Then I had to walk back to the car. No fun. Still have not recieved your check for 100.00 for consultation. Have to send it to Collections I suppose. Dr. Mikey

We call them goatheads. Ouch.

The only thing worse is all the broken beer bottles idiots throw off the cliffs on Friday & Saturday nights (and that we have to pick up afterwards…)

The worst was about 5 (or was it 10) years ago when they replaced the trunk sewer. They backfilled it with crushed rock that ended up covering the whole path to the Field. Little sharp shards of metavolcanic rock that could cut through a booty. I still pick up a stray now and then…

The street that goes up the hill right above the stairs at N.garbage, and those little patchs of dirt on the south side between the street and the side walk. Those places are death traps, the spikies are so thick in there. I stepped once in there a caught about 5-6 of those nasty little things, and that was the first step, the next earned just as much as i buckeled to the curb, not a nice way to end a session.

Leev, i think I know what you are talking about with those little rock shards, is that the main trail from the asphalt parking lot going to the college? If so, i always do that barefoot, and just about always get a nice marble sized rock in the heel, no cut just pain. You know the drill, plus as a geology major i agree with your despription of the lithology of those little bastards.