Dog ate my blank

I write this with a heavy heart. At approximately 7:30 am, as I lay asleep, my staffy Occy decided that he didn’t like meat anymore and that his diet needed a little more fibre. Unbeknownst to me, my newly shaped fish, with the bottom rail completed, had blown off the racks over night (I shape outside – I usually bring the blank inside when ive finished shaping for the night) and onto the lawn. Occy, thinking that he had a new toy, got into it and ripped off the tail and half the newly shaped rail on the right side. Needless to say I’m devastated as its my first board and was quite proud to have come this far with it.

Anyway, not to be deterred, I’ve ordered another blank from Shapers Australia. Unfortunately I couldn’t find another kneeboard blank so went with a 7’11 with heaps of thickness and width (3’1/2 x 23’1/2 x 19 (nose) x 16 (Tail). I figure I can move the template up or down to get the rocker and width I want. Thanks for all your help over the last two months. I’ll keep you all posted with the new blank and how I go. I am determined to build a board and I had hell of lot of fun with the other one (R.I.P)



PS – Anyone want a staffy?

post a pic…it can be saved!..i feel it in my gut…and in my left nipple (or maybe it’s just cold in here). regardless…

maybe shorten it an inch or four. cut in a wing or two to bring the rail line in a bit. if the last inch of the pins at the fish tail are still a little chewed, cut 'em off entirely and do wood blocks, or resin blocks…those are fly.

we can repair it…we have the technology!


Cheers mate,

unfortunately i dont thinks its salvageable - just easier to start again.

New blank on its way.

FISH MKII will begin soon. Stay tuned.

Never say die.


Post a pic anyway of your blank and the dog.

No worries - stay posted for pics.

(sob sob)



That is a total bummer, but a truly great story to share in the parking lot! I’d love a Staffy but the girlfriend and the resident terrier might object. Good luck on the next go.


I have 2 staffies (Daisy & Graham, yes GRAHAM…and the name suits, he’s as dumb as a bag of spanners). Great dogs…and even though neither have eaten any of my boards they have certainly eaten enough of the kids toys, plastic dinosaurs being a speciality :slight_smile: