Doing a little Fire Wire repair,any Ideas?

This was a Rapid Fire FW with carbon tubes and a bamboo skin until I went for it in some heavy shore break.

The carbon tubes snaped into three pieces each and the skin was wet so I cleaned it up and put it back together.

Not sure what to do now with what I all ready have in the basement. Balsa sticks,1/8thbenderply,bamboo-cherry skins lots of types of foam ect.


I would say trash it... but it's not my board.

It will never be the same again. Broken RF's aren't repair friendly at all... just the way they are.

I think Greg is right.  However, if you do try to fix it, I’d go with a fairly robust balsa skin (I did a half-deck repair on a FW and it came out ok).  Just make sure its utterly dry inside first.  That foam soaks water like nobody’s business.

couple of lengths of flexible bamboo, or maybe old fishing rods might suffice for the missing carbon rods?  Never dealt with that problem, myself.

Have fun with it, post a report if you try something!

Thanks guy’s.

Yeah I think Greg is right too, but labor is cheap and a GG ModFish FW is hard to find. The board broke last year right after the SA campout so it is plenty dry. I put some balsa in the channels last night and may add a few more top hat stringers. I have some bamboo skins but I like the idea of balsa to make it thicker-stiffer & as a nod to BB.

I will post it up when I am done or break it again.

Hey Ian want some thin palownia to skin it with?


Hi Les,

Yes please!!!

I have been looking for some thin stock paulownia for ages. If you have a good source I would very interested in getting a bunch of it.

Give me a PM,


Hey Ian

Bamboo skins top and bottom

2oz under 4oz over bottom

2oz under 6oz over for top

One hit bagging, I have a rocker bed that will be close to the original, with some foam wedges we can get it right on.



Hi CJ,

That would make it good as new, but It might be better to make a new one  with hips like your 6’9" at that point.

The deck Boo came off easy and the bottom is pretty clean so I think I am just going to go with the quick and dirty fix.

A little weight and less flex might make it better at OB.

I am going to go see Les for the paulownia  wood soon so maybe I can stop by SC along the way.


The Fire Wire deck is rewired with some 1/8 balsa & paulwonia wood from Les.Thanks Les!! 

It was fun to do balsa again after a few years of messing with other skins, used up every scrap of 1/8 balsa that I had.

Now I just need to seal the deal and glass the top.

I am thinking about spray painting the bottom like Huckleberry or adding some art to hide the seam.

Looks nice!


I did a much uglier job piecing together a snapped FW long ago (no re-skinning, just glass).  Never wound up riding it again but did give it away to a youth group counselor in hopes it would bring smiles to some kids’ faces some day.

Nice repair.

What type of glue did you use to set your balsa inlay stringers?  Did you coat both foam channel and balsa with the adhesive used?

My guess is it will hold up well.

Thanks guys,

I used Elmers Ultimate PU glue just on the wood for the balsa stringers but they  were glued to the skin with epoxy.

I messed around with some acrylic paint mixed with water borne polyurethane floor finish for my gloss coat.

It should be ready to go for the weekend.

looks good Ian