Dolphin Glide World Premiere

The World Premiere of Dolphin Glide has been announced! DOLPHIN GLIDE (World Premiere) 2003 USA 24 min Digi-Beta Director George Greenough Acclaimed surf filmmaker George Greenough takes us beneath the waves to show us life from a dolphin’s point of view! WED 5, 4:00 PM - Granada Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA Individual tickets for this event: (805) 9634408 (Fox Arlington Ticket Agency)

I got my ticket the other day. It’s a double bill with The Far Shore, which I haven’t seen yet. Apparently these will both be digibeta projections rather than film, but I’m looking forward to seeing them nevertheless.

Hey guys I have seen the rough cut a while back and I highly recomend this. It is mindblowing , and it will spark some design ideas for Swayloholics for sure.

Actually , It’s a triple bill including “Scratching the Surface” by Santa Barbara local Seth Brayer. Brayer’s water videography are highlights , along w/ his great surfing both in front and behind worldwide standout surfers. His travels to South America , Australia , Outer Island U.S. , and California keep it moving w/ interest… The hot young local crew at Rincon show their chops in a very fun and interesting way. One of his biggest idles is George. It’s very obvious! I saw the preview @ the Vic , it was great to see a new generation of talent scratching the surface.


Man, Wednesday at 4pm? Jeez, some of us have jobs, but this would be worth taking a sick day and driving up. Anyone heard of more showings?

It’s part of the Santa Barbara International Film Fest. Here’s the link , scroll to “Surf Sessions”. Over the years it has become a big deal here. There have been a few World Premieres as this year does. Just pretend your cutting out from work to go surfing.

Ok, this is too good to miss and might as well surf up there earlier in the day. Anyone have a garage or backyard (SB/Ventura area) I could stash a couple longboards at during the showing?

GHunt I can put them in the Beachouse offices upstairs from the shop.Ill find out and get back.KP.The theater is just up the way.

Dirk, I had a long conversation with George earlier this afternoon, and he said this first showing of Dolphin Glide will be 35mm w/full Dolby Surround Sound, and 21 minutes long. He also said he wouldn`t be there.

It just keeps sounding better!

yeah! you have my email…thanks!