Dolphin Glide

Hey now water brethren… Get ready to view one of the most mind blowing video clips on the web…a small taster of dolphin surfing footage from George Greenough. His upcoming release will be named Dolphin Glide… 5 years in the making… I’ve heard that he will be donating the film to hospital organizations to show sick patients for healing. It’s currently in post production for soundtrack work. George is a genius…inventer and filmmaker…visionary… He spearheaded the shortboard revolution in surfing with the invention of the flex fin which was developed after fishing for yellow fin tuna and observing the drive and turniness they could generate. He also contributed the carbon skinny mast and boom to windsurfing. I’ve had the good fortune of surfing and sailing with George and have listened to him talk about fin design for dozens of hours. George was gracious to share his raw 35mm underwater footage of dolphin surfing in our home. As word got out, several huge parties ensued as scores of people flew in from far and wide to have their minds blown. Anyone that spends time at the air/water interface can no longer view skimming along the water in the same way after viewing this. Greenough references: WARDOG