"Don't even touch barno, that rhyno-chaser don't need no big howley hand print messin' up its whole trip" - North Shore


“Nobody listens to Turtle”


Watched it again with my kids tonight. My nine year olds coment

“Wh—aaat he only has one board!!!”

‘You J - O - J brah’

some guy in another thread 

cited “Ride the Wild Surf”

and now we have aaah what?

is this quote from some legendary archive?

like the smithsonian?Surfing heritage Moose Lodge?


Pray and prithy is ou’ roots decended to this?

the ground water is saturated with the  haole wood 

rendition of our once noble culture?


lets all watch surfing hollow days

with children,or jim freeman’s epic

let there be surf where rodger meinendenger rides mitchels cove in a stretched cheater five 

slow motion for the first shot to screams of the whole auditorium at ap gianini junior highschool

on ortega.

where the mojas Vw bug was parked on the corner with the smoke stack poping out through the roof…(yes he only had one board and it weighd 45lbs because in the Islands thet year they were pigmentin’ em so they could take the drop on hevy offshore winds…


 north shore wasn’t 

and neither was ride the wild surf.

the archive is unfortunatly 

poluted ground water…

now there is fred windisch and the ''Natural art"…

thats pure underground spring water…


pass me something to wash out my mouth

gregory harrison ,fabian…hah!

from the movie ,"point break"

johnny utah: why can't i just walk around with this under my arm.................and act stoned ?



what is all this refering to?

herb give me a ring

EDIT: Duh,,,, I see its a movie line



dialogue from hollywood

surf movies are the topic

I believe.


putting a note in your file

that you have not memorized

all dialogue  from hollywood surf movies

and your diploma will be contingent

on completing the hollywood movie requirement.



Gidget being the primary expolitation MOVIE

thet opened the collective eyes of the world

to surfing followed by beach party  movies

then again the ride the wild surf with rock stars

and pop actors playing the lead roles 

fabian was the rock star,tab hunter,

shelly fabares and barbara eden



spikoli character from fast times at ridgemont high.

sean pen was spikoli



north shore,point break… all thesemovies were

iconiified by the masses and  marginalized by the

truely surfing hip elite.

 Respected surfers do stunt double work for all roles

where closeups were spliced in with

real long shots of contemporary surfing.

every body saw em,the seconds long surfing

was of higest caliber film work.

it was cool to call bull on em

and mock friends saying they were trying to look

like fabian surfing simulations.

Real surf movies of the time were

shown in junior high auditoriums and 

down south bigger auditoriums till

the rowdy surfers  got em kicked out.

the films weregrainy and funky

thats what made them the real thing

.The sound tracks were on reel to reel tape

and the naration was scripted by the film maker

and read or recited from memory live.

The imprinted hit pop tunes like topsy part two

set to scenes of waimea bay huge waves 

and thedick dale surf music were the seeds of the 

subculture spread that led the hollywood film industry 

to try to capture a little $ flow from the enthusiastic.

Not til Bruce Brown’s endless summer did the surf movie

go big screen syndication nation and world wide.


Now it is common like here with hurricanes

determining the marks on the timeline.

With ‘‘I started surfing’’ It is often marked with 

BIG MOVIES and again the elite surf community

can easily dis those who are initiates of a given

 movie influence by saying they started surfing

well before gidget or big wednesday or

point break or spikoli or blue crush or

soul surfer or in gods hands or

that james bond tow-in sequence

with five guys in swat gear

dropping in on a massive wave…


the stunt double fame is a two sided 

blade,the notoriety also was/is dissed

for compromising the spirit of the act of surfing

for self agrandisment or monetary gain.



Is herb giving out rings?

 herb make mine gold.

I’ve been riding this merry-go round

long enough I just can never remember

to reach out and grab one… for a free ride.

Thanks Brose

After a few posts emerged ,,I caught on,, albet a bit slow ,,,

I watched Ride the wild surf the other day,,, cheezy . But I remember when I was a kid I thought it was a cool flick

Im not good at remembering movie lines, but I do have a few,,,,,

"Do the Damn thing!"  Blue crush

"Thats the Lemon net to the pie" Big wednsday

" Never thought Ol Waxer would end up in the bone yard" Big wednsday


the three friends theme in Big Wednsday with Bear as the mentor has a story line that hits home with me.

like when Matt is a drunk and wanting to quit the contest sciene, and the Bear reminds him of the kids that look up to him whether he likes it or not,, good stuff.

or when Barlow returns from Nam and Peggy wells up at his apperance on the beach, make me well up

and of course the masocist situation in the AFEES building,,,, "Are you pickin on me?"    halarious

"Hey Vince, He so Haole, he don't even know he Haole".



"Topsy Part II" , Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel, and Cozy Cole.  A -numbah one. The onliest kine.

“You take hees stuff? You poun’ 'em”  My favorite line.

Re: Ride the Wild Surf…  I’ll take Susan Hart over Fabares and Eden, thanks.

And, little did we know, back then, that one of the lead actors was a total closet job.

“Twinny!? - No one rides twin fins in Hawaii!”

“He must still think his on the mainland or something”

“Ill be alright”

“Ha check out where his paddling out”

“you have a single fin mentality”

ha ha ha

Chandler you still have a single-fin mentality

ha ha ha

“Re: Ride the Wild Surf…  I’ll take Susan Hart over Fabares and Eden, thanks.”

Back in the day I’d take the Calhouns over any of the Hollywood starlets.


Robin, Candy, and Marge were all quite stunning specimens.

Big Wednesday,   the ''...piss in the steam iron'' story, is in fact, true.    From a time when the art of the RF was in full swing.    Bull fighting cars?  Sadly, been there, done that.     I'm sure I was not the only one.     Seemed a good idea, at the time.    Now, not so much.

When the wave breaks here - don’t be there… or you’re gonna get drilled