double bump single fin pin rails

I’m in the process of shaping myself a 6’x20"x2 9/16" single fin pin with a double bump in the tail. I used to only shape performance shortboards, but lately I’ve fallen in love with retro style shapes and how the ride. 

my question is what kind of rails i should use on it? I’ve seen one with down rails that i kind of liked. It will basically just be my board for hurricane season here in florida. 


any advice would be great! thanks.


I’ll try to post a pic of the outline tomorrow.

Check out the tread on Brewer style rails. 

alright that looks about like what i was thinking. 


what type of fin do you suggest? I’m new to the whole single fin thing so i don’t know a whole lot about them.

Got a pic of it? I’ve had this trigger bros board a while its 6’4x19 very low bladey rails in the tail great bottom turns.

Hey drifter2,

Flex fins are a super fun way to go on single fin boards. Just step back and get groovy…what kind of surfing are you doing on this single fin? What kind of waves are you surfing? Those two things will really help in deciding the right fin for the board you are building. 

I was thinking of going with a flex fin. I’m making the board for hurricane season here in florida, mainly for head high cleaner waves, but hoping it will work good on 3-4’ too.