double hotcoat/glosscoat

what are your thoughts on it??? i always hear that it will not make it stronger and will crack easier?? i have an older board that is a double tint, top and bottom, which needed another hotcoat because my laps weren’t the smoothest. it feels heavier, which i like, and it seems stronger?? anyone have some good feedback

Teddy, If you build up resin with no fiberglass fabric in it, it will be heavier, but when the board flexes, it will crack easier.

Building up resin would be ok if you were refurbishing a wall hanger, but if you want to ride it, you’ll be risking stress cracking. Doug

Doug’s right - no cloth, no strength; thick resin more cracking risk. My advise: Sand down the rails and lap lines (both sides) until smooth and flat. Clear laminate a single layer of 4 oz around the rails extending slightly past the laplines. Hotcoat, sand, glosscoat, sand/polish.