Downwind Beachboy (SUP) Board

Just wondering if anyone has advice for my first attempt at a downwind beachboy board. Length, rocker, thickness, width, etc. Any tips would be great as I’m going into this blind. I plan on using it for Hawaii Kai runs and what ever else I can get into.

Thanks in advance!

What is the concept behind a downwind board and what do you do if it turns offshore, just pack your passport ?

For that matter, if it is onshore how do you get off the beach ?

Enquiring minds etc


perhaps consider your depth of understanding about

points of sail and the range of performance in hull design.


broad reach efficiency

and as for adverse conditions dr.stewart,

dont put up a spinaker

just close haul and dont pinch too high.

in time the highest form downwind boards will go displacement hull

see VELZY designs to start off

then check the joe Barx

follow the leader for a safe guess.

anything rad you will be under training pressure to prove,

for fun dividend

wear big sail shorts-add battens to your


and big blade paddle will give you wind resistance

when resting to sip electrolytes

before commitment to theoretical absolutes

the contemporary down wind craft will depend on your comfort zone


surfing windsurfing dory sailing backrounds

if you are surfin board guy the craft

will best be surfy more flat and down raily

sailbord guy more slalommy concave thickasaurus

dory guy more bow roll bottom boaty release tail.

if you wanna just surf

the down wind specializing

will impede the wave riding

advantages like paddling back out

and carving wave face turns.

down wind down swell

design refinements

can be specialized to a fault.


roy the venues for paddle racing

lay down as well as stand up

are not triangle cources

but mostly off the wind

to capture long glides

following winds and seas.

in Hawaii nei the summer races from

hawaii kai to waikiki

from sunset to waimea

or hookipa to kanaha

are anticipated with the same excitement

as the first big swells from the northern pacific

in the fall.The summer tradewinds

are regular and predictable

the exhileration from a 3-7mile

down wind paddle riding 4-6’ windswell


a wellcome relief from working in the tropical heat

and the company of flying fish and seabirds are truly uplifting.

surely you can allow yourself an alternative dream.

winds at hookipa

are often approaching 30 knots

and more in the summer.

down wind is an alternate venue.

Thanks for the explination Ambrose! I wasn’t sure of a down wind SUP board either?!

Now it makes sense.

Sounds like fun. I used to own a 16’ Hobie and would sail out to the two mile bouy in Monterey then turn around and surf the swell back to Del Monte Beach on a reach with my brother or wife hanging out on the trapeeze! wahoooooo!!!