Dream Tool Cabinet

A spin off of the dream workshop thread. Basically name the brand and type of tools you would want. List them under shaping then glassing/sanding/fin works. Go wild.



Shaping - SKIL 100 !!!

Glassing - $0.75 3" brushes from lowes

Sanding - craftsman palm sander, my hands + sandpaper, Ingersoll-Rand

6" Random Orbital Air Sander

Fins - FCS install kit, futures router kit, X-acto knife

Howzit Scott, Not to bum you out but one of my shapers just bought Rick Vogels almost new Skill 100 for $300 from his exwife the other day. She didn’t have a clue as to how much it was worth,Aloha,Kokua

dang…bummed now…lol

I was looking for one on e-bay, cheapest I found was $650… for now I’ll stick to my craptastic hitachi. although, I have used a rasping blade alot for mowing foam. I like to hand control it, and my family gets mad when I create a ton of noise. the garage creates an echo that you can hear 5 blocks down the street, and I live in a highly residential area.




Damn it soulstice…you still pushing that cheap crap and corrupting the masses(LOL)???

Take pride in you tools man!! Start with these…




my apologies for not making my true intentions clear with respect to HF. i forgot how difficult it was to convey a sarcastic tone on the internet, so i added in the sarcasm “SwayCode”. better?

HF = cheap crap. but when cheap is all you can afford, i’m thankful that HF is just a phone call away.

Do you where to find a rasping blade? Can’t find one anywhere.

hav’nt had the japanese tool catalogue for a long time

Tool Porn…

sensitive hearts need not read prices…

ppictures are enough

to make one decend to illiteracy



ah for an adz

ooo for an ax

let’s see, skill 100 for shaping and a couple of different sureforms. sanding block and screens.

in addition to that, a very nice spokeshave and this radial block plane from this englis compnay and the blades are so sharp when you get them that you can read through them, and best of all they stay that way for a long long time.

glassing- a vacbag system and then squeeges from home depot or harbor freight and in addition to that some nicish brushes that i use for a few times

sanding- quite frankly any grinder will do.

fins dremel tool and the grinder

fin install- lok box kit and jigs so i can do other peoples prefered system.

Ah - would that be http://www.japanwoodworker.com ? There is this really sweet Santoku knife

A nice adze here - the bidding is over, no bids, get it cheap - I like the shipwright type like those, myself.

Ax? Would that be a broad axe, perchance? eBay has a bunch of them, though myself I like a nice broad hatchet rather than the full-on axe. I find it easier to do fine-ish work with one- at least as well as you can do with a bleeding broad axe.

Tool porn, tool dreams, tool heroin. Hi, my name is doc and I am a toolaholic. It has been four days since my last tool purchase…and gawd but it’s getting tough to get through the days without a new tool.

My dream tool cabinet?

I’d like to try the Festool and Fein sanders, though I will say that I am happy with my seven Milwaukee, Porter Cable and miscellaneous sanders.

Planer- I like my Rockwell 653. But I will be selling a Skil 100 real soon for my younger brother, plus a spare body and parts, bunch of blades, case, etc. Let me get back to people on that, where and how it’s listed. Or unofficial bids entertained through PMs. Brother Geo prefers Rockwells, as I do. So does Phil Becker, by the way.

Shop tools - I like Grizzly for wood stuff. Punch up Grizzly Machinery as a search and that’s my candy store. Though I would enjoy a nice South Bend Heavy 10 and mebbe a nice Clausing small vertical mill, a decent Miller 180 or larger Mig welder and mebbe a few other metalworking toys. My brother has ( and I should talk him out of ) a lovely Linde mig welder that adapts to other stuff just fine as a power supply.

Anybody who owns a Clausing vertical mill and a South Bend Heavy 10 and wants to trade them for a Skil 100 with extras and spares… you’re out of your mind, but we can talk…


my favorite tool: a box of 100 single edge razor blades…

(ps 2nd favorite, a sledgehammer)

oooh…fantasy tool?

an APS 3000!

oh…and Bert’s rail monkey to make my rails… :wink:



my apologies for not making my true intentions clear with respect to HF. i forgot how difficult it was to convey a sarcastic tone on the internet, so i added in the sarcasm “SwayCode”. better?

HF = cheap crap. but when cheap is all you can afford, i’m thankful that HF is just a phone call away.

Ah, I tried Harbor Freight for my “cheap crap” a while ago and found them worthless even for that. In this brave new world of abysmal customer service, they have managed to set the bar lower than anyone else that I am aware of, including such underperformers as Verizon and Comcast. A couple of years ago I bought a trailer kit from them, and the drillings were mismatched. It tool me two weeks to get a response from them, which was basically an invitation to pay the freight to send it back to them (160 lbs motor freight from NJ to MN) and have the item cost refunded. I ended up selling it at a garage sale for 25 cents on the dollar and still made out better than I would have under their return policy. Also, I get flyers from them with items that are only available from a local franchisee, and the fine print states that “not all items are available at all locations”. The stuff in the flyers is not available on their web site. I smell “bait and switch”. When I need the cheap version of a tool, I go to Northern Tool. There is a merchandise overlap with HF and some others, but a lot of their items (even their own brand) are of decent quality, the prices are good, and they are reasonable to deal with if I have a problem. YMMV, of course…


Buy the tool box first…

Over the years you will fill it with quality tools…

well I dunno about tools for foam boards but from the one hollow wooden I have made…


Old iron is always the best place to start…

Damn, Benny, how’d my jointer get into your shop? By the way, some nice Freud blades for that puppy on Amazon, fairly cheap- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00004RK6L/

Now, for a little tool porn:




with more than a little of my wish list in there…

doc… so many tools, so little time and shop floor space…

I knew those would catch your eye, Doc.

I thought, though, your comments would be reserved for the custom pulley-guard and switch extender on the drill press :slight_smile:

Nice links, too. Some very impressive WT restorations. I had to do new tires, motor, switch, and wiring, but haven’t had to touch the iron.

You’re up…alll I’ve seen so far is your sewing machines :stuck_out_tongue: