So I finally finished my project. I ripped all the fiberglass off the bottom half of a broken board and then reshaped the snapped of tail and added some rocker to the tail about 2.5 inches . I glassed on a set of tri fins and took it out twice. It's 5'7" by 20. IT IS LOOSE AS HELL AND LACKS DRIVE. What should I do to add more drive? I'm thinking that I should just glass on 2 more fins and make it into a five fin. Kind of like the boards from Griffin. Thoughts? (Will post pics as soon as I find a USB cable)

what you said was EXACTLY right. I used to be really agressive as well. Always trying to out compete everyone in my age group. But one day, I saw a kid my age doing probably the same thing. I realized that that's what I was doing and I immediately took a step back. Now it's embarassing to even think about how competitive other kids and I was in the water.

Perhaps there is too much tail rocker now. That will loosen it up but not glide as well. No?

you're right. The rocker is probably the main reason for it. but I'm trying ways to FIX it. lol. I noticed you're from ventura. I surf there all the time.

Vta Surf? You and everyone else, you’re welcome to it as long as you take turns and don’t drop in . Not you specifically, but why don’t people even look up the line before taking off any more??

lol. I usually don't have problems with people blatantly dropping in. Mostly snakes. Unless I go to c street. Old people always drop in on me....and I can't do anything about it. lol

t3d, howzit? Maybe I’ll see you in the line-up. I think the old vs. young thing is a lot like the chicken of the egg argument. Admittedly there are plenty of older guys that have a sense of entitlement from surfing spots for many years but it seems to me ( an old guy ) that most of the younger guys coming up have a completely different viewpoint of surfing. Nowadays a kid surfing can have the ambition of trying for the whole pro tour thing and make a way to make a living. I can assure you, this was NEVER on the minds of just about everyone in the water 30-40 yrs ago. It was simply a way to have fun, and what fun it is! I think younger guys are more self minded and agressive maybe due to an agenda of trying to “go pro”. This was and is something of a selfish pursuit as opposed to team sports, but it is still possible (and necessary) to take turns and be aware of each other in the water. The additude of “getting all the waves” works for ONE guy. This is what breaks down the line-up and it becomes dog eat dog. Who wants to spend their spare time like that? If I see you in the water, I’ll give you a hoot and hope your having as much fun as I am, but when the snakes come out and one idiot starts to shoot his mouth off…it’s ADIOS MOTHER@#$%^&!!!   JUST HAVE FUN!!!


ps. sorry for the rant. It’s not directed at you.

Dig it t3d! Now it’s just about fun, right? Wait until you get my age…it becomes just trying to stay loose. A lot of that agg/comp attitude is perpetrated by the magazines and kids think that is the way to be.

In answer to your question, it may be that your side fins are positioned wrong for the tail and/or are too small.   A 5-7 board with 20" of width either has a lot of curve in the template or ends up with a really wide tail block.  That’s in addition to the rocker.  Most of the people surfing Rocket-type shapes well seem to like the larger side fin + smaller center combo.   

yeah. the tail's pretty wide. do you think that making my board into a 5 fin by adding two fins next to the side fins add more drive to my board?