drum of silmar

anyone know the cheapest place to get a 55 gal. drum of laminating resin (silmar 249a)? n. carolina area. thanks

I would check with WRV

What’s anybody’s opinion of the S-249A LH? I found it had some wierd color changes and possible wetting issues. It did smell of less styrene however…

thanks Jim. what is the difference between 249a and 249LH

Silmar 249lh is the new blend that Cali guys have to use because of the INSANE environmental regulations those guys have to deal with.There’s less styrene in it,some new ingredient to pass emissions tests.North American Composites out of Baltimore delivers to eastern NC on certain thursdays,if you’re a commercial enterprise with the proper paperwork and licenses.WRV in Point Harbor will probably sell a drum to whoever,but expect a little mark up.I don’t know if the new blend of silmar is available outside of CA,we just use 249a & 929. Oh yeah, try Burke Industries out of High Point,possibly.

hey guys im thinking about buying supplies from another place…all i have used is silmar resin …but is reichold any good? id be sing it for lam and hot coat…

Hey Rascoe, you to will be using S249Alh soon enough. MACT standards for air quality are coming to the rest of the country in the next few years. Sluggo