Dry spots in my clear bottom lamination, what to do?

Hi everyone, so finally making my first board and not without some trouble lol. Any ways, I just finished laminating the bottom, and there are some dry spots on my lap that didn’t get we out at all, cloth is white. What do I do with this? Do I sand it down and cut the cloth? Do i try to add resin? I am using PU and polyester resin, Silmar 249 BB. Also it is a little cold around here and the resin looked really weird when fist spreading it around, almost like some of it was thinner than the rest, can it be temperature? About 15 degrees and thinking that’s the reason laps didn’t get wet, the resin is too thick.

Any ways, any help will be appreciated, should i wait until tomorrow to do the deck? Or should I go for it today?

Thanks a lot!

Hey, depending on how big the dry spots are you may want to try and wet those areas out again. If they’re smaller then you with have to cut or sand them out. Get those areas as flush to the foam as possible. Then continue with your deck lamination.

I don’t glass anything under 65 degrees anymore because I had problems once when I tried to glass in 50 degree temps. Resin needs heat to kick properly.

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