Drying an EPS ding

Hi, I dinged my epoxy/EPS board quite badly and didn’t notice it until I got out of the water. It soaked quite a bit of water, water was leaking out of the crack for a long time. Do I need to get it 100% dry before I patch it up and if so how?? regards, Håvard

I have talked with many people that have the epoxy boards they tell me that once you have soaked a lot of water you are you know whated. you repair them and when they get hot they blow out the repair. That is what I hear. I have never owned one myself, so all I’m doing is telling you what I hear. They say there is a Lady in Santa Barbara that works wonders with them I’m not sure of her name but I’m sure someone on this site will know of her. Good luck.

here’s how, open up the ding a bit, place the board in a rack , ding opening down—then GENTLY, warm the ding with wife;s hairdryer for a time, leave it that way for a day or two and re-warm now and then, it’s important to open it up and let gravity come to your aid —the warming helps push the water down and out-----then patch with epoxy and cloth and thats it!-----i use one of the 5-minute epoxys cause i’m lazy but it’s all about preping the ding area and then getting it good and dry

I wonder the vaccum bagging may help. Regards, Crabie

vaccumm bagging? on a simple scale you could do the ‘snake bite’ thing----cut open the ding and then apply your lips and just suck the water out! might be a bit grotty, but what the hack? just saw a fellow drop his eps/epoxy board this morning on the sidewalk after surfing, crack but no ding, he has it easy to fix —no water… of course,if it had been a polyester board, more than just a crack i’m thinking

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