Drying out a composite surfboard

Does anyone have experience getting composite boards to dry out so they can be repaired? My Hynson got a leak in the leash string hole and had only been ridden 3 times. It has been draining for over a month now and is still squishy. What a drag. The only way I knew that there was a leak was water dripping down the leash string.

Hay ExSexWaxer. What you have to do is get the plug out. Drill it out, making sure you get down to the foam. Also make sure you don’t drill through the fin box. I would grind a drill off to make it a flat bottom drill. If you need help with the drill let me know. Try using a hair drier. (I’m sure Sally has one of those) don’t leave it on too long or you will melt the foam. You may have to go at it 2 or 3 times. Then just epoxy in a new plug, and drill it out for the string. Is this one of those 10’6" pin tails? I would love to get it a spin some day.

Isn’t that a “Boardworks” product? A friend of mine had the same thing happen to his. Guess the composo-techno folks need a Q.C.lesson.

I’ve had some sucess sucking water out of epoxy surf lifesaving rescue boards with a vacume cleaner. Just put the nozzel over the hole and turn it on.Dont leave it on for to long,you dont want to burn the motor out.David.

Thanks for your imput!! I shall give the drill, dryer and vacuum cleaner a try. When I make it seaworthy again you shall have a spin on it. Thanks for your tips. Pray for a 240 NZ swell at 6-10 foot!! Huzzah!!

build a fire under it and get back on the Skip 11’er.

Hmmmmmm, a fire eh? I breathed enough noxious fumes at Sex Wax. The Frye is a good rider but hard to carry down the stairs. I have been riding my Arrow up north and my VSS in town, although I have taken my Harbour Banana Bisect out a few times too. Protect your head, you only have one!!!

– howya been doin on that surf matt?

Id like to hear an update. Im still undecided, sittin on that $295 surf matt fence. Winter waves are comin and I`d like to try something new.

Might try a go out this P.M. when the young Duke returns from his government/institutional learning facility- i hear(through this board) that the eastside is all time.Join us? Ol’ Uncle

I have only ridden the mat once. It was small but really fun. I was hoping to use it on Tavarua but the wind was strong and I visions of it blowing to Hawaii and never seeing it again. I will likely use it when it is stormy up here and choppy and fewer folks out. I am still trying to figure out how much air to put into it. Cheers!!

Still a bit under the weather with the trade show rep thing and coughing stuff up thing. I would love to join you but due to health constraints must decline. Soon I hope!! Ol’ BH

did ya surf with the reef gurlz down there? the red tide was in full effect last week-both of us are sinus inflamed. we will rock in the same space in the very near future my friend