DT-2 Dims?

Could I please bother someone for the 9’2’ DT-2 Dims?

I’ve only got:

9’2" x 22 1/4 x 2 15/16

Huge thanks!

Good friend wants me to give it a try.

Just took them from Surftech’s site:

Hawaiian Pro Designs - 9’2 DT-2 Noserider

			  <td class="boardSpecs" align="right">18"</td>
			  <td class="boardSpecs" align="right">or 45.72 cm</td>
			  <td class="boardSpecLabels">MID:</td>
			  <td class="boardSpecs" align="right">22.25"</td>
			  <td class="boardSpecs" align="right">or 56.51 cm</td>
			  <td class="boardSpecLabels">TAIL:</td>
			  <td class="boardSpecs" align="right">14.5"</td>
			  <td class="boardSpecs" align="right">or 36.83 cm</td>
			  <td class="boardSpecLabels">THICK:</td>

			  <td class="boardSpecs" align="right">2.94"</td>
			  <td class="boardSpecs" align="right">or 7.47 cm</td>
			  <td class="boardSpecLabels">VOLUME:</td>
			  <td class="boardSpecs" align="right"> </td>
			  <td class="boardSpecs" align="right">69liter</td></tr></tbody></table>
LENGTH: 9'2" or 279.40 cm

Neira - Thanks big time dude.

Any chance you have the rockers as well?