nice board! Where are you riding it?

Hey Keith, Thanks for your compliment. I took it out on its maiden voyage yesterday morning out on the north shore. The waves were like 2-3ft. lefts, a bit of morning sickness. My first impression was that it paddles and catches waves good, fairly loose, but I need to make some kind of fin adjustment. On my first bottom turn the fin slid quite a bit, so I kind of nursed my bottom turns after that. It felt quite loose rail to rail, down the line speed good. Fin also felt like it would let go on cutbacks too. I was using an 8" Takayama fin. Im looking in my fin stash for something slightly longer, with a wider base. Im hoping a slightly bigger fin will fix the problem, if not I may add set of side bites, although I’d really like to keep it as a single fin. Although I felt a little discouraged from the initial impression of the board, it does have a lot potential to be a good rider. I had the same problem with my fish the first time out and a fin change did wonders. Aloha, Derek

Well, one session in small surf doesn’t prove anything — I’d bet that with a fin change and some dialing-in time, you’ll be much happier with it. We’ve had a major wind & rain storm here in SoCal and so I managed to finish up another board this weekend for a buddy of mine (lousy surf = shaping time!). Was hoping to get out to the islands over spring break but I don’t know if that’s going to happen or not. Hope you get some good waves at the Bowl on that board!! Happy St. Patricks day, too!