dualtools sander

saw this in the hardware store yesterday - looks interesting. Inner circle rotates opposite direction from the outer circle. it is variable speed. might be able to put courser grit in the middle and finer grit on the outside and do two steps at once…anyone use something like this?


Looks interesting.

Looks small in size. Weight?


Variable speed?

Checked it out at Lowes and thought the quality was good, Weight and feel was nice but the sand paper would get expensive.

I don’t think you would split grits, I think its more for reducing swirl marks.  If that was the issue, I’d go random orbit, and then Half Sheet Vibrating.


Add says it weighs just over 7 lbs and is variable speed. Looks also like you have to use their sanding pads which only go down to 220.

The concept is valid. If they could make a pad that had a spiral pattern in it it would work even better and cut faster as well.

It wont cut any faster, because sandpaper doesn’t care if it sptns from the left or the right.

It won’t pull the tool to the left or right. So it is OK if you have weak arms.

The inner swirl pattern will be erased by the outter swirl pattern.
But how are you going to put a polishing bonnet on it?

kazuma i think you could probably ‘swaylock’ it so that you could use normal sandpaper

Really. How hard would it be to cut existing discs to fit that thing?

If you can’t use a razor knife, I wonder how you get on with other, more complicated tools.

yep that razor knife is a hard one for me to get my head around sammy. 

if you want to use velcro backed discs onto a hard plastic backing sounds like a great idea. i like to use normal sandpaper glued onto some type of foam.

grasshopper…I was not referring to you, specifically. If it makes you feel better,  take what I wrote and edit it so the word “you” is replaced by “a person” and “some people”. OK?

only a real tool would use this at those prices. but the question is… can it polish a turd?

rockwell have been selling this type of sanding technology for about 3-4 years now





















i think Mirka and Festools have sanding wired


Mirka makes the best random orbit sander in the world… Expensive. A lot of the woodworkers have gone from sandpaper to the Abralon sanding screens.