Dumbest request ever

I resently opened a small shaping and glassing shop at my local beach. My wife, wanted to get involved ( I tried the “I’ll teach you to sand”. Didn’t work) So she’s decorating the ceiling of the glassing room with postcards. She has a big bare spot and needs more postcards. If you want to contribute to my ceiling send me a post card! J. Stephens, P.O. Box 1352, Tybee Island, Ga. 31328.

harry…im in jax, ill have to swing by one weekend and check out the new place. hope you got some of that hurricane swell. mores on the way. hope to see you soon. Josh

Tentoes…send me your email address and I’ll email you some info…stop by, a swayslocks brother is always welcome!

I guess my email address would help!

Harry you got suckered,the reason for the post cards is so you can’t put Hustler Mag pics up.I am looking forward to using your shop,hope you let me use the shaping stands and templates I gave you.Just joking Buddy.I enjoyed having you around my shop when it was going and your boards are looking good.Any of you guys around the area ought to check out his shaping shack. R. Brucker