dump the points

dump the points.




I agree, and gave you a point stingray. Lol. Meaningless

Hey I have enough points now that I can comment!!!

I agree lets dump em!


My self worth is measured by the number of Instagram hearts, Facebook friends and Swaylocks points I have.

It’s all I have in life…

Wish they’d fix it so it works correctly on phones and tablets.

Aye to that too!

Aye! What’s the point? (get it?)

aren’t the points in place to keep spammers out? a new account can’t post w/o X number of points? PIA for newcomers having to ask for points to get some traction, but there aren’t spam posts now (which was bitched about in the past). i’d rather not have spammers.

There is a point minimum, I think it’s 10, for replying in a thread, but not for starting new threads. The spammers still go crazy starting new threads, if you don’t see them it’s cuz we moderators hunt them down with our atomic blaster and destroy without mercy all evidence of their existence.

Points are bullshit.  Come on.  Let the filthy masses bring it on.  Have fun. Build boards. Surf’m.  Share. Ignore. Whatever. Sting Ray for President.  Mike

Lets blaze new trails on the internet and get rid of points! Or at least replace it with #of boards built?

To tale care of the bad posts. We can have an acceptable Turing test to differentiate between spambots and sentient beings. I.e… do captchas or the liike.

thanks for the clarification, huck.

if points don’t help w/ spam, is it just a feature built into the software?

i haven’t noticed points impact my experience here one bit…good or bad. do they impact others’ experience aside from some visual clutter? what’s the problem w/ them?

I dont think it stops the spammers, because a new member can still start a thread.

Back in the day a Swaylocks new user was a guppy or a minnow…then you moved up into a bigger better fish…

Stingray for President…Build the wall… Kick out everyone who has over stayed their Visa…Hillary in Jail for not telling the truth and other stuff…No imported oil. We have massive amounts of oil here… more land set aside for open space…and this guy is not anti development…balance between building and natural open space…

I’ll stop now…no points here…go build a freaking awesome surfboard and catch some waves.