Dust proof / drying enclosure

I’m about 90% done getting my new bay up and running. Due to space constraints i have 1 room only. So that i can work on a few boards at once, i’m considering making an enclosure at one end of my bay that can hold 3 boards, so i can sand / shape whilst they dry. I work with epoxy only, so long drying times, hence the preference to work on more than one board at a time. as a bonus i can throw a space heater in there and use it as my post cure box. 

Has anyone succesfully done anything like this? I’m interested in any ideas on how to seal the cupboard, so that sanding dust etc doesn’t get in and ruin my hotcoats.


Home Depot sell 4’x 8"x 1" sheets of a foil covered sheets of an XPS style foam.

I’ve built boxes out of it for drying purposes.

Both paint and resin.

I’ve had one in every shop I’ve worked.

My current one is 4’ tall.

Two feet wide.

And 10’ in length.

Split into 2’x4’ or 8" pieces,

you can frame a box around some wall racks.

A full sheet works great for a front panel.

Used with a small space heater,

and an opening at the other end,

makes for a good drying box.

If I can find a photo, I’ll post it.

that sounds the goods barry. is it actually in your shaping bay though? if so how did you go about getting a good seal to keep the dust out ?

No, it is across the room.

Bottom of door sits in a groove.

Top has two folding latches to seal door shut.

Exit for exhaust is closeable.

Whole unit is sealed with silver duct tape.

Box with door removed.



Like you pirate i work in a all in same place with epoxy. My box is made with xps panels, in meter 3x0,6x0,6, with a bathroom small heater with fan. I can put up to 3 boards. 

perfect barry - that picture helps a lot. pretty much what i had in mind. i like the groove for the door. simple and effective

Good luck with drying epoxy boards in the same area you plan to be shaping.  Not something I’d attempt but good luck.

My suggestion would be to clean the room extensively and then glass boards in batches.  Forget any shaping or sanding in that room until the batch is completed.

I do it all time, more than 50 boards in this room (all steps) + reps, no problems. I clean the room not so often may be 4 time a year. My box close correctly and the room is ventilate, i work to improve it with collector…