dust.resin.water - A film about making surfboards

A good friend of mine has been working on this project for quite a while. Should appeal to this crowd quite nicely. Lots of interviews and shaping room footage with some well-known and underground shapers.



“A new film from Troy Cryder, dust.resin.water. - a not-so-in-depth look at the art of carving wood and foam into pieces of wave riding art. From the backyard shaper to the multi-label surfboard factory, dust.resin.water. offers a glimpse into surfboard design - it’s past and it’s future, and the craftsmen behind the foam (and wood) planer.”

Thanks lawless. My forever project is finally complete.

Hi brownbus1 -

I tried to buy the DVD but ran in to technical issue on website... added DVD to shopping cart, went to checkout via Paypal,  it said my cart was empty?  I tried it a couple of times.

PM me if you want.

What browser are you using?.Tested in chrome, mozilla and IE and it seems to work. I am pming youmy info. Thanks!


this looks interesting. good to hear the usually silent voice of the Right Coast US shapers.

Thanks to all who have purchased my DVD and the kind words that I have received. This was, excecpt for some ‘loaned’ archival footage, and a few pick-up shots, , a truly independent work.  It was a blast to make and I look forward to my next film.

Thanks again.

I received the DVD promptly and enjoyed it.  It is not a 'do-it-yourself' guide to making surfboards.  I liked the bits with Ricky Carroll. 

A nice tribute to some of the legends back east.

Another round of thanks to those who have purchased my ‘film’ and provided the thoughtful critiques.

Shameless bump for dust.resin.water and a thoughtful review from one of the guys in the film, BalsaBill:


"This is a very professional looking production. Of course I expected no less, knowing what a talent Troy has for video.

He shot a sequence for me for “The Summer of '67” and it really kicked off the show very nicely.

Now this. He’s been working on this for years. Actually since the first time I retired.

Some highlights of the show:

Bruce Grimes and his lazers. That is one of the most amazing things
I’ve seen. Probably the greatest technological advance for shaping since
the Skil 100.

And speaking of the Skil 100: The discussion of shaping machines was
intriguing. We actually had a shaping machine at G&S back in the
sixties. So it’s not a new idea at all. And there was a lot of
controversy then but I remember someone saying, “Shaping machine? What
do you think a Skil 100 is?”

Classic quote: Ricky Carroll’s self deprecating comment about
getting trophies for copying boards. Do any of you realize how difficult
that is to copy a board? And Ricky won the Shape Off how many times? If
I had a board I wanted copied I’d probably go to Ricky to copy it. I’ll
bet he wouldn’t charge me as much as it would cost to get it scanned.

And Pat O’Hare. One of the first to come here from California. And
he stayed and he’s still here shaping. A true legend with roots to the
genesis of US board building in California’s South Bay once the home of
Greg Noll, Dewey Weber, Bing, Rick…and I think Pat worked for most of

For the music I give an A+.

For the writing and editing I give it an A+.

For the productions values I give it an A+

And for the fact that he included this old hacker in the company of such great talent I have to say I’m humbled.

If this was only interviews with a few shapers it would be a
valuable program. But the whole package…the surfing footage, the
continuity, the story…wow. This is one nice video at a very reasonable