Dyno Fish for sale ......Rare

Early 70;s twin fin {in photo section somewhere} red/orange color 5.10" Brom original rides well no delams. First $100.00 takes. Now or never want to $ towards a Buddy Guy Stratocaster custom Fender Guitar. 7 out of a 10 cond.

is it still available? where are you located?

Ray Ray, I thought you was giving me that board! I am gonna tell momma when she get home from the swap meet. She cookin up some of them corn fritlins and posum stew. Tell Herbert to bring the moonshine.

Yeah I still have it Iam in So.Cal E-Mail me

Who are you to use my family’s last name? Don’t think my dad would care for that. You can have the board for $.100.00 though! Bubba I have another Dyno Fish 5.10" shaped by Terry Martin yellow color with David Nuuhiwa Signature model…it rips whip out the cash and it’s yours.By the way David Nuuhiwa hand Signed the Red Dyno Fish it says Go Baby! Aloha David Nuuhiwa …inspired by David going to the race track…Get them while they last if not sold I’ll keep them an ride them this summer.