each build gets better then the last

I just finish my 4th built and pretty pumped up on the results. I went with a 6’2" X 21.75" X 3" square tail mini tanker kinda thing. started off with a 6’8"MF (Marbile Frye)fish blank. I did it all by hand and no planer,sanders. Lots of sand paper:)Epoxy glassing by me. I found out what I been doing wrong on the last 3 and fixed the issue,no more bumpy rails! Did a little swirl on bottom and alot of color on deck.My rice paper got suck in the printer so I used a chrisp $2 bill for a for good luck,then I read up on the $2 bill and turns out to be bad luck… anyways peep the stick.

thanks for all the help swaylockers

*ride report coming after cure

“Lots of sand paper:)”

Would like to see your rocker.

I like the speamwhalexLiddle look.

Many many moon ago I shaped my first couple with Maw’s cheese grater, then a farrier file better and way cheaper than a real Surform.

You are doing great! 

At least get 2 Surforms!  1st handle (planer) job with stock (sucky now no more backstokes) blade and 2nd the file with a “microblade” (EZ Foam).

I see your having trouble with the stringer or perhaps glue line,

A little secret that I was turned on to by mako is the “Wilkro Razor Planer” EBay under razors around $10.00 “the bomb”.

Oh, if you haven’t thought of it, lighting man! It really makes a difference!


Thanks Matt who! I actually used a block planer on the stringer,just not a electric planer.my surform got rusty since I’m near the foggy beach. Maybe it the poor quality photos from my iPad but I didn’t glued up the blank and the stringer is flush as all with the foam.The rocker is mostly shaped on the bottom of the nose and the deck nose is more flat. Thanks for the tips and here’s a cool close up of the stringer in the 1st photo. :slight_smile:

Groovy swirl job.

A wire brish will get rid of the rust on the shurform and it can be sharpened with emery cloth or wet and dry paper.

I would like to hope mine keep getting better { some might say they can not get any worse}  with each one always something to try and learn.  Thats what keeps it interesting. Good job learning from mistakes thats how it is done. To my eye that fin box looks to far up. I have had much better luck with my wider tailed single fins moving the fin back. My 2cents worth still $1.98 short

good eye ace! it is a little to far up so have to put in back with not to much wiggy room but should be fine,  . I wont do that again;)

Good looking board

used to park my old truck on the packed sand road that used to run to the north end of ‘Lindonesia’ and blast Jimi Hendrix and Cream on the eight track through portable speakers set out on the hood while we surfed.  We’d take turns coming in to start the engine and recharge the battery.  Riding the latest sub 6’0’s we’d shaped down from former longboards, which this acid dripped home stubbie sure reminds me of.

thanks for the flashback…lol



Cool story icc! I started going there in 2000 and parked in the dirt lot in my 1980’s vovlo wagon next to the taco stand with the younger brother.There was a cool party house 50’ from the water there with a pirate flag and chimney also smoking. Times have changed,no more house and now a parking lot that they charge for now ,but we got a nasty toilette and shower out of. I still love this place for some odd reason