east coast backyard shapers?

Greetings to all, I’m posting to inquire on the possibility of a backyard or garage shaper located on the east coast carving me a board out of Walker foam. I currently own a Hunt Customs that Gregg shaped about two years ago, but have since grown beyond the strictly old school phase. Here’s my idea for the board: - 8’6" length - 19" nose - 22 3/4" wide - 16" pintail - 3" thick - 4.5" nose rocker - 60/40 rails blended to hard tail - blended teardrop concave nose - 8oz volan glass - deck patch - clear w/gloss finish - single finbox Sorry, guess I can’t format a bullet list here. Blank would be either Walker stock or oldman foam. Already spoke w/Gregg about shaping it - unfortunately, he has an exclusive contract w/Clark. Besides, the shipping charges from west to east coast are pretty steep - $110 via SECO. I don’t have much cash to work with, either - maybe $450 or so. Anyway, if someone is interested, I’m open to offers. I live on Cape Cod, so the closer to the NE, the better. Please email me directly w/offers. Thanks… http://www.showdonttell.com/jcw/longboard2.html

Try Shane Smith at 2SI. He does a good job and orders foam in quantity. http://www.2-si.com/ Or go to nesurf.com and look up a guy that goes by the name G-land. I’ve heard he makes a good board although I haven’t seen any up close. Also, Doc who posts on here frequently (and has an enormous amount of info related to NE surfing) should be able to help. Don’t mean to speak for ya Doc, you just seem to have a lot of great answers. Keep us posted on your progress…

i think the downfall of your post will be your cost VS that glassjob, thats a pretty pricy one. http://www.surfboardglassing.com

I dunno about the vast quantities of info…but yeah, I’d go with one of Shane’s shapes. This time of year you can probably get on his schedule pretty easy. He’s a nice guy, least he always has been when I’ve run across him. All the info you want and more at http://www.2-si.com/ http://www.2-si.com/