East Coast Blanks for sale

Commonwealth Foam started production of MDI based polyurthane blanks in Norfolk, Virginia this spring, however two months into production our mixing equipment went down.  It will be a few weeks before we can new gear in. Until then we are having to mix by hand, so we have mostly seconds for sale.  The hand mixing results in foam with tiny voids from trapped air, but they are only a cosmetic defect.  Structurally, the foam is still solid.  I’ll add a few pictures of the cosmetic defect in the next couple days.

We still have a few Firsts for sale.  Seconds are very affordable.

If you are interested or for me info PM/email me: sales@eastcoastblanks.com

We have the following sizes available


6’4" Fish

6’7"C for machine shaping


6’10" Fish



7’4"M for funboards







Commonwealth Foam LLC

Why don't you guys buy those Ice nine molds.  You'll be ahead of the game by doing so. That is if you are serious.

At a $1000 a foot… I’ll pass. I can have brand new ones made cheaper. 


Why did Ice Nine go out of business?

I don't know why they went under for certain.  My own opinion, from what I saw, and heard at the Ice 9 factory, was typical first timers trying to be too big, too soon, and running out of dough.  If they would have gone small, they might still be around.  (Their blanks were too heavy for my liking, but I'm an EPS guy.)


My buddy with the molds has gotten more realistic.  If someone would consider buying them all, a very reasonable offer would be considered