East Coast shortboard

This will be my 4th shape and I’m thinking about doing a performance shape made for average - great waves on the east coast (probably a board I would end up riding a few times a month, if that.  I based the outline off the “toy” from Super brand surfboards… Really I am trying to make a board that will fit in the barrel, and enable me to have more control over my turns when the surf is above average on the east coast, not for the smaller stuff though,  I already have boards for when it’s not so great.  

From the last shortboard I shaped, it came out OK, but the tail could have definitely been foiled thinner.  When I ride it I feel sometimes resist me when I come try to come off the bottom… good for weaker stuff, not good for the good stuff.  Just wanted some advice on foiling the board through the tail. Questions:

  • You foil on the deck side, because you don’t want to screw around with the bottom rocker?

-How much foiling is too much?  like, how thin should it be before you even think about shaping rail bands? Should the tail be flat (deckside) or should it dome down a little toward the rails… or is it a preference?  I assume the slightly domed approach would make for a more durable tail since there’s more foam left near the stringer.

Do as much foiling form the bottom as possible, especially if you’re doing PU. You’ll have to do some on the deck side in the tail, but not much. I skin the deck, take it to thickness and rocker from the bottom. The tail should be about fat 1 1/2" thick a foot up on a typical shortboard and fairly flat at the pod. My boards are fully rockered and foiled when I do my rail bands.

Others do it differently…

WB, you are in the wilmington NC area correct? If so, shoot me a PM. I have some specimens for you to examine and can give you feedback in person before you glass on your shape.

Thanks for the feedback so far

hey did you finish up that board?  I’m in Wilmington and I’m working on my first board.  Thought maybe I’d ask if you had any pointers on where to get your supplies from.  I’ve got my stand built and a roughout of the shape just gotta get the rocker, foil, and rails.  I’m looking at fin systems too.  I was wondering what you went with and where did you get it?  Also what kinda glass system did you go with.  I’m thinking UV.  Would love to see pics.  I’ve only been surfing for about 2 years off and on so I’m by no means good at anything in the surfing world (I’m probably complete kook).  Any and all help is appreciated.

You can foil the board from top or bottom…I check my thickness by every foo through out my board.

hey just wanted to see if you were still shaping in the Wilmington area.  I'm new to it and wanted to see if you knew where to get some inexpensive supplies.  I'm needing resin, glass, blanks... all that kinda stuff.  Thanks.


redrum540, wrightsville glassing has what you need. I heard you used to be able to get stuff from eastern skate supply but now they only sell to shapers. Glass I would buy online, it is usually pretty cheap there.