east coast supplier

has anyone heard of a Clark supplier opening up on the east coast? besides Florida

U.S. Fiberglass. Pt. Harbor , outer banks N.C. They also are a materials supply company. Resin, cloth, clark blanks, pretty much anything you need. I believe swaylock’s has there website under the materials section. I’ve ordered materials from them before with no problem.

Teddy, I order my blanks from the place Chris mentioned in the previous post. They will ship them up to the WRV shop in Va. Beach and then I drive down and pick them up. If you want their phone # let me know. Frank

hey teddy if you drive an hour and a half past vb you will get a much better deal straight from Lee Anne at the place. She really hooks it up. first trip i took i saved like 30%. but you have to order a good amount. Also they just got in a shipment of blanks so they have a pretty decent selection. austin

i was going to order from there but i figured it would cost less to get them from Foam-Ez. maybe i’ll take a little drive

its worth it. tell her where you drove from and you might get an added little discount. good luck