East Coast Swaylocker Heading West!

Hey everybody

So I’m leaving tomorrow for a two week trip to California to hopefully score some good waves after this less than eventful East Coast winter.

I’ll be staying with some friends in La Jolla who are going to buy a couple of my boards and enjoy all of MY hard work ha!

Anyway, I’m writing to all you Southern California Swaylockers for some insight on some good places to visit–not wave wise (my friends will take care of that)–but shaping-related.

For example, famous shops, shops that sell hand-shaped boards or even some of your places.

There’s not much in the way of that kind of stuff over here, so I’d really like to get the most out of this trip and maybe meet a few more people like me.

Lookin’ forward to hearing from you guys!

Bing is up on the hill, too.  



Further north up in Oceanside is another one of my personal favorites - Real Surf Shop (Shawn Ambrose)  He’s another one of those shapers who cuts across the entire spectrum, from fishes and logs to big wave guns.  




If you’re in La Jolla your first stop has to be Mitch’s Surfshop.   -  http://www.mitchssurfshop.com/fly.aspx

Further north, there’s Surfy Surfy (Moonlight Glassing’s shop) - http://www.surfysurfy.net/p/shop.html

Encinitas Surfboards (Kies) - http://www.encinitassurfboards.com/


Tons of other retail shops not to mention the showrooms of the individual shapers, I’m sure others have lots of suggestions.  It just depends on what kinds of boards you gravitate towards.  


Thanks Gdaddy, that’s exactly what I was looking for…

I’ll be sure to check those places out in person especially Mitch’s since some of the boards on that website are freakin’ gorgeous!


Oh and I forgot to mention I’ll be up near LA (Redondo Beach) for a couple of days. Anybody got suggestions for places up in that area?

Thanks again

Oh, so you liked the Mitch’s reference, huh?  Well, you might want to check out their Solana Beach store, too.  Lots more boards there.  


Along a similar vein there’s Icons of Surf in San Clemente and Thalia in Laguna Beach




Shelter Surf Shop in Long Beach  (south of Redondo)



Mollusk in Venice (well north of Redondo)



And that about exhausts my familiarity with the hipster alternative board shops, although I’m sure there are more.  

What’s up tide?  You gotta stop by Foam E-Z and check out the goods.  There are a number of “pro” shapers and glassers on our street.  Always great knowledge to aquire just by popping your head in to say hello.  We’ll give you one of our new tees when you come in, just for making the trip!  We are south of LA just inland Huntington Beach, and right off the 405 freeway.  Of course you should check out legendary downtown HB since you’ll be in the area.

Hope this helps, see you soon.

Brad and the crew at Foam E-Z

When in Redondo Beach, you will be close to a shop called “Just Longboards” . It is on Pier Ave. just east of Pacific Coast Hwy. From there go up the coast to Venice Beach (best on the weekend) for a Southern Calif. Spectacle and visit the Mollusk shop…Now if there is a little south swell…keep going up the coast and surf Malibu…and visit the Museum on the point…current water temps…between 53 and 59 degrees…

Malibu in the morning

Gdaddy has given you some great places to visit in North  County San Diego.  Surfy Surfy in Leucadia still has the Vibe of an old style surf shop.  The owner of Surfy Surfy is the sone of an old friend of mine. really good people and full of stoke.

Might want to drop a message to Jim the Genius. He works at the Old Channin / Bahne factory up on West Lake in Encinitas. I hear that Mike Hynson does some shaping up there as well. hope you get some waves Have fun

make sure you get properly shitty and jump the clam at night.

aside from that, do everything that GDaddy said.

Thanks for all the info guys–I’m lookin’ to hit as many of these places as possible while I’m here.

Been surfing Scripps for the past couple days, waves have been fun, the ocean feels like bathwater compared to the 41 degrees back home.

On a side note, I think I finally understand resinhead’s disdain for seals. I nearly involuntarily relieved my 3/2 on more than one occasion so far…

he may never return 

no he’ll never return

and his fate is still unlearned

he may ride for ever the 

Pacific coast highway

from rincon to baja 

he’s a man who ???

41degree water?

oh to go back…?

to the dawn of evolution

stepping out of the primordial 


enjoy your self.

the weather is cold here too

the water is only 78degrees

maybe 80.

good day to stay home and work

when it is cold.