First off, let me state that My name is chas and Im 17. I am really interested in shaping/glassing…basically anything to do with surfboard design and building. Theres one problem…I don’t really know that much. Here’s where you guys come in. I am looking for an internship or a shadowjob of anybody who shapes/glasses. I am stuck in life, and have always had a dream to be the next Al merrick. I don’t really know what I want to be in life, but Im pretty sure its a shaper. The problem is, colleges don’t offer “shaping 101”. So basically i can travel almost anywhere on the east coast, but definately in areas of VA and NC. I would sweep the shop in trade for a learning experience. If ANYONE wamts an outgoing teenager just to help out around the shop. I could watch and maybe one day shape my own board. I am available In all of June and parts of July and August. I will work around your schedule! Please help me…this is my life dream!!! Thanks Chas -

Not to get you down or nothing, but doesnt every male kid want to be the next Al Merrick, Kelly Slater or Justin Timberlake? LOL The girls want to be the next Britney Spears? Isnt it nice to have dreams?

just buy a blank, get some basic info, and start shaping. I did not have anyone to show me how to shape. I just asked lots of questions and jumped right in. Sounds to me like you want the east way out

Boy you guys are tough. Chas, Pick a College in Calif or FL, work part-time for shaper/glasser during the eves, and sell boards around school that were shaped in the basement of your frat house. All this while you are partying with hottest girls you can imagine. After 4 years, you will have had some hands-on experience, business training, and enough insight to launch the rest of your ideas. Have Merrick working for you one day - Do it! Herb Bean

The only help that I can offer you is to visit this site as often as you can. I wish that some of the very helpful people that hang around here were available to me at your age. Get one of the shaping videos, I suggest “Shaping 101” and just go for it. Also don’t let some of the insulting negative remarks discourage you. I don’t understand why people say those things on a site that is suppose to help people. If you have a dream don’t let anything get in your way!

Category: Employment Subcategories: Help Wanted Company Plus One Surfboards Type of Position Part-Time Permanent Description Seeking a LAMINATOR with solid work ethic and an eye for detail. Self-managing skills a must. Work mostly on high performance shortboards. Must have a passion for the art. Room for growth with this rapidly expanding San Diego business. References and work examples are required. Contact Information Contact: George Gall Location: 3630 Hancock St. Ste. D San Diego, California 92110 USA Telephone: (619) 291-7873

Thanks Herb and Phil. yeah sometimes I don’t understand the way some people think. Yeah…like i’m trying to take the easy way out…but yeah i have thought about that but I calculated (or at least i think i did) all the stuff i need for my first board…and it wqould cost about $1000 from foamez.com But i dunno we’ll see…hopefully someone will want me

i can show you a few basics chas. arent you the one who was emailing me a while back? my show is by no means big so extra people kinda just get in the way. i can get you rolling but after that your on your own. Austin S. http://members.cox.net/austinsurfboards

chas, EZ-foam is for the birds, go direct to clark foam. Then look up resin companys on the internet find one near you, as for the plugs i just get them at the surfshop. If you only plan on making boards for yourself then this is the way to go, i think. I do my boards this way and on average a short board costs me 150 in cost, my time and other findings not included. In va there is a company call mohagony Chemical, in richmond. I did it this way when i was 15 and stunk my parents out of the house with the resin fumes coming from the garage, there is still resin on the floor. Now im 24 and doing them in my parents barn out back just trying to make myself the best quiver i can with my time. P.S READ THIS FORUM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE SEARCH THE ARCHIVES TILL YOUR EYES BLEED

Trevor, Are you in Richmond? Have you done several boards? I am currently glassing a funboard in my garage off River Road. Could use a advise on a couple of details if you’re nearby. Contact at

chas…becoming the next you is the most noble quest…becoming the next…?..anyone can be a real shock, when you actually meet them that you choose to Idealize…they as well as you come crashing to earth with a telltale and resounding thud…the pursuit is the whole game…96 percent of surfing is paddling…they call it fishing, not catching fish…gee whiz I’ve seen many people ask this question and stood arround whithin the ensuing silence… the immediate response is usually a backwash of tactfull declines,shuffling feet, averted glances and imprompteau excuses …To take on some one unknown and untried is a leap of faith…the personalites of surfboard building types are eccentric (off center) if your pertickuler eccentricities happen to be an orbital match yabba dabba zoola you are in… not always the case…just go to he neighboor hood factory and pick up the broom…sweep some put it down and leave come back in a couple days an do it again…try it all over town soon some body’s gonna say’’ look the floor’s clean’‘…’‘it must be that kid whats his name’'…and they will either buy you a soda or tell you to get the pluck down the road…the guys that resonate with your frequency will more than likely be the buy you a soda kinda guys …dont be dis couraged…old male cats have a tendency to swat at kittens when they are approached while dozing …tom cats are not comfortable being nuturers they would rather be hunting companions or sparring opponents…or at best recipients of offerings of tasty morsels of food…maybe thats it take a small quantity of food when you go to swep maybe that will ingratiate you with your prospective hosts…also a hard choice. …pizza and beer or cookies and milk … well I hope you get the drift…maybe You should Just write Al Merrick and send your high school Transcripts and this same request maybe he needs an intern… good luck…ambrose…the trail that is your life is before you, the choices you have made are behind you ,take your next step who knows what will happen

Chas, first, if you are still allowed to stay at home, do. Next, get yourself a decent job that you can clear around 200 a week. Flippin burgers are lawn service, it does not matter. Just bring home 200 a week. Then, buy all your tools. You’ll need about 150 for a decent planner, a jig saw, and various small stuff like spoke shaves and sandpaper. Another 50 for good racks. 1" plywood cut into the shape of a rack, sunk into a five gallon bucket w/concrete and rapped with old wetsuit material. After you got all that, find a small storage to rent around a 100 bucks a month that will let you work out of it. (shaping and glassing). At the same time you get a storage have enough moola for two blanks (you can save if you buy seconds) abuot 75 to 100 bucks. By the time you finish those two boards you will have the money from your job for a sander, and glassing materials. Finish those first two boards and put 'em on e-bay. Repeat this process whether you are making money or not. (you probably will not) Do it until you get out of school for the summer, save every freakin dime you can, then ask every shop you can for a summer “intern” job at the factory. Have enough money to get to and stay some where for 3 months. 200 to travel,400 or 500 a month for an efenciency where ever you go. Get a job washing dishes when you get there for food and B.S. money. Stay committed, PAY ATTENTION to detail and process, and it may just happen for you. Good luck.

yeahthere were good points made. I see where you all are coming from, but i just don’t know if I am good enough to start on my own. Im one of those visual learners. So if there is nobody out there to help me…i guess it leaves me no choice but to try…its just i know im gonna screew up and waste my money. but oh well, that’s life!

Don’t worry. I too have screwed up on many a project. The question is - - do you have the persistence to screw up and keep on going…?

Chas, I was talking with a guy in the water at Salt Creek last week-end. He was riding a longboard that he had shaped himself. Danged if I can remember his name, but he was a local-area guy, I think, Sequim or Port Angeles. It was actually a pretty nice looking board for his first shaping job. He’d probably be a good person to talk with. Head out that way and maybe you can run into him. Pretty small area.

Get rid of that attitude quick Chas. Money spent learning and attempting to do something you really want is allot better than a bunch of new CDs or cool wheels for your car. Hesitation will smack you down in EVERY area of surfing. If you need hands on trainng, EARN it. Do the best you can on your own, then try and get someone to take you under there wing. Your commitment will make the difference on whether or not they do.

Chas, Where are you located? I have only seen a partial amount of the postings, but if I’m reading right, you want to build boards. I live in Virginia and have been where you are as far as learning to shape. It’s now 11 years later I can’t get enough of it; I’m talking about working a full time job an trying to get the business off the ground. It’s all about planning and believing in yourself and never giving up. Email me and I would be glad to teach you. All you need to do is purchase the materials. I’ll teach you the basics and give you hands right away. Once again email me.

O,K. you stuck up your hand and said I wanna sit up there on top o’ that rock with you guys to see what it looks like from up there…so we reahed down and there are about twenty guys trying to pull you up,because the view is stellar from up here and we’d love to have you appreciate it too now if you are gonna hesitate we better let go before somebody gets a hernia because you are getting heavier…so jump up here on the rock and start enjoying it or we will gradually let go …good luck chas …ambrose… why did amniosinthisis come to mind?

hey travis whats your email…i live in newport news, VA my email is

Chas, . Your only about an hour from me.