easy color finish for first board

Ive looked thru the archives but I would like some of advice on a simple color finish a first time board maker could put on his first board that would have a good chance of looking good . Frederick

Some food for thought… http://www.airbrushshoppe.com/corner.html

Fredrick, Try some simple taped-off shapes that follow the lines of the board. Example: Scribe a faint line around the edge of the deck using a marking gauge, tape at the line on the rail side. Then tape off the stringer or stringers. (Don’t paint the stringers: the resin needs to bond to the wood) Drape the outside edges of the board using an automotive taping tool. (You pull the paper out and it has tape already applied to the edge. Cheap to buy at any paint store). Now you can paint the deck any color you want. One easy, good looking type of color job is a Fade. Just paint at the edges of the tape, letting the paint mist into the center. Or you can spray a light color, like yellow, on the field area, then when it’s dry, do a fade with a darker color at the edges. Remember to go a little lighter than you think it needs, because the colors will be stronger that you think when you pull the tape. Also, it’s better to not fill all the pores of the foam with paint. The resin needs to get in there for a good bond. Use a good quality paint for the truest and longest lasting colors. Liqui-Tex is a good brand, among others. It’s a great thrill to pull the tape and see a nice color job revealed. Have fun. The possibilities are infinite. Doug

Hi… For a first timer who is wary of making it complicated, I would suggest simple tape line stripes. The GT look can never fail. paintbrush is good for freehand doodling as well… Whatever you go with, don’t be afraid, and dont be too precious about it. http://www.speedneedle.com.au