Easy rack alternative (not shaping racks)

So I had to move my stuff around in the garage and found myself in need of new racks for storing my boards. Because of where they have to go now my only option is a vertical rack similar to what you find in surf shops.

Anyway after thinking through a couple of design ideas and walking around Home Depot after having some beers I came up with what I thought was an easy alternative…

I bought 8 shelf brackets, the 8"x10" size, and a length of 1" PVC. I already had a 6’ section of 2"x4". It’s pretty self-explanatory from the photos:

Basically just attach the shelf brackets to the 2"x4", cut the PVC into 2’ lengths and hammer each section onto the protruding end of the bracket. I finished it off with some foam insulation around each (not pictured) and by adding some 1" PVC end caps to each section. The white foam visible is a temporary measure until I pad the 2"x4" with something better suited to the job.

I put some carpet runners under the rack for the boards to stand on. I still plan on adding some hooks and twine to the ends of each PVC section to keep the boards from falling over. I know one of the mags had a similar setup explained, but drilling even holes for the PVC with a forstner bit is a pain in the butt and attaching the 8 brackets took all of 5 minutes. Attaching the PVC sections was even faster!

Just figured I’d share in case it was of use to anyone.


Good Idea !

Hey Jimmy

Nice system!!! I just built one out of PVC pipe so they lie horizontally. I’ll post a piccie here tomorrow, it worked out really well.


What the hell are you sliding on in the avatar? Very funny. Mike

yeah have a simalar thinthat my uncle dad and self made for our boards, had to get em downoutta the rafters, yeah one bungee cord for the whole length works pretty well.


That’s almost what I have at home. I bought longer shelf brackets and wrapped them up with pipe insulation (the ones that wrap up you’re water heater or ac). They hold up pretty good and was easy to make and take down if I need to.


No name surfboard strapped to a Powell and Peralta skateboard with occy straps. Add wine and stir slowly, then skate!!!

Hey Jimmychuck,

Here’s some piccies of the rack I set up. It’s 2" PVC pipe with 3/4" dowel covered with 18mm reticulation pipe.

Hold 9 boards

Dude that thing is sweet!! Nice work! I’ll have to keep that design in mind… Something similar could work for a small (and I mean small!) shaping bay… easy to assemble / disassemble… cover it with that grey tarp I keep hearing about… hmmm…