easy resin coloring

Hey! I want to get some resin coloring done without having to buy special pigment/paint etc… i have some acrylic paint and oil paint at home- can i add it without any negative effects on the resin (polyester)?
thanks for your help

Pigments for resin must to be inert or polyester based, acrilic paint maybe water based or solvent based and not compatible. Oil paint? Try to see a real horror movie of glasser…

I buy powder pigments without solvents, I live in Italy, for example I go here: http://www.dolcicolor.it/prodotti.asp?idCat=132&viewLevel=1

You can buy this pigments on well-stocked paint factory.

I agee with Why_Not, spring for the right tint or pigment at the place where you buy your resin.

What do you have in mind? Since you do have acrylic paint, you could just do a foamstain and lam clear.

now i’m done :wink: i went for orange food colorant in powder plus some resintint in blue i still had. outcome is geat and it worked really well with the resin.

Weird, somebody gave you a negative point so I balanced it out for you. Looks good. Any more pics?

M-Please show us the lobster & tell us about the blank and stringer…

Hey sorry i was out surfing :wink:
Here you got a picture of that little boy! Its a 6’11" x 22" x 3" with around 50-60l of volume.
The blank was actually a reshape from an veryveryvery old custom PU windsurfer.
It has a double plywood stringer and was a pain in the axx to peel the glass of but it came out pretty nice. Getting the mast track out without loosing too much thickness on the board was another challange :smiley:
The boad rides great and has a relly deep nose concave going into a V what makes it a really fun noserider in small surf and slow breaking waves. In bigger and hollower surf its lacking a bit of speed though- but it was only build as a small wave board.
Single fin workes good and i just love how you can change the boards reaction and feel just by moving the fin a litte <3