Eaton UEO *PIC*

Hi, I like the outline of this board. Does anyone have particular dimensions? How do they ride? etc. etc. Thanks, Rob Olliges

Rob, What length do you want it to be? Enlarge and print the picture on some 8.5" x 14" paper, then scale it up. Decide what length you want it, let’s say 100" (8’4"). Lets say the printed board image is 10" long. That’s a 10:1 scale. On the image scale off 1:10 widths at 1.2" (12"/10) from the tail, at the wide point, and 1.2" from the nose. You can scale up widths at alot more lengths too. You’re lucky that you have a picture of the top of the board. The board’s rocker tends to place the board outline points at near-equal radii from the camera lens, eliminating image distortion. Draw a line on some freezer paper, and transfer the scaled-up measurements. Draw the outline, and transfer it onto some foam.

Noodle’s way works. Here’s another way… Use a 1":1’ ratio and a copy machine with enlargement capabilities. I calculate my desired board size and enlarge or shrink the original on most any copy machine that allows enlargements. First, convert your length. I.E. - if original image is 7" long and you want a board 8’ long, assume your new image needs to be 8" long (1":1’ ratio). Divide 7 into 8 (=1.14 or 114%) - on a copy machine punch in a 114% enlargement. With your new 8" image, it is relatively easy to calculate a few width points and connect the dots. I.E. - if 1" = 12", then 1/2" = 6", 1/4" = 3", etc. Plot those measurements for your template. Sometimes I just roughly plot directly to the blank, cut, true and then transfer measurements to other side of blank using a zero center point ruler without even using a template. Of course, I don’t worry about tolerances to .0185" or anything.

Thanks guys. I suppose I was more interested in how it rides and wanted to hear people’s opinions. Looks nice anyhow.