eaton zingers/bonzers

does this type of design work? and how on earth would you shape something like that into the bottom? thanks paul

I own 2 bonzers, and yes they work. They are very fast, and surf like a board at least a foot shorter then they are.(both mine are long boards) I don’t know just how Mike buts the concaves in but he sure makes them deep. My son just sold a Zinger, he said it was just a little too wide for what he wanted it to do.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Eaton a few years back. He is a super nice guy, took be in the back of his showroom and showed me his shaping room. He had this rolling pin looking thing covered with somekind of abrasive that was connected to an electric drill that he used to shape in the bonzer concave. I havent ridden any of his boards but have only heard good things about his boards.

I had a (previously owned)10’ Zinger for about 6 years and I think is great. Once the board gets beyond paddling speed the fin/concave combination kicks in and I’ve never once doubted its ability to hold in any turn. I makes a great whoosing sound through turns too. The only thing I’d change if I were to get another is the graphics.