ebay bargains become my experimental stable!

Hi folks, managed to pick up a few bargain boards on ebay which im planning on using as comparisons for the 6’5 boards ive been making recently.

it seems to be a popular size so i want to play around with bottom contours etc and decided that by modifying finished boards not only would it be cheaper but id be less precious

about hacking them up.

2 boards came from the same guy and have no fins or fin systems whatsoever, no sign of ever having any either, no shapeing marks but well used!

the other one has fixed fins which i think i will fix up and ride as is for awhile. the two without fins are crying out for finless experiments though!

ok first one, 6’6 no finner

second one, again 6’6 no finner

and third one, chuck dent signed by Bill, 6’1

ive decided to modify the first board into a finless rocket of sorts so already started drawing ideas onto the bottom. thinking of two channels which start just after midway and developing into very pronounced channels similar to the board i made before xmas.

you can see the channel idea on the following photo, i cant decide between a flat tail and a straight fish, almost thinking start flat, surf for a bit then modify as i go along.

any suggestions?


Bill (Chuck Dent) - Could be shaped by Bill Stembridge. He is a really good shaper. I don’t know if he still shapes as his back is a bit wacked?

Go head and do your experiements however it’s much more interesting to start from scratch! However hopefull you will learn something?

cheers for the info surfding, ill googleize him and see what it comes up with. as i said im looking forward to riding the chuck dent as it is for now and modyfying the others. where i am in machester uk im a good 3hours from the sea and so seeing/riding different boards is tricky, also all my mates i surf with are longboarders so its hard to get them riding shorter boards. ive built 10 boards now and have no plans to stop making themn from scratch i just see these as a fun experimental stage in my shaping apprenticship! im thinking of loaning them out to some of the guys i bump into down the coast every now and again and letting them play with them for a while. as i said, takes the preciousness away from it.



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