ebay epoxy resin/and solar curing epoxy for surfboards

I purchased this epoxy 2 part resin from ebay . Has anyone hear used this brand befor?$148 for 6 ltr kit with free delivery Australia wide. In the specifications it says uv resistant marine grade etc

I have never heard of the stuff but I’m very interested to hear how it goes… 

Similar epoxy stating it is clear and uv stable has popped up on ebay in the UK too.

Prices are good so ordered a couple of kg’s to test out.

No fast hardener, 6-9hrs cure time. 

How much less expensive is it than surfboard specific epoxies in your location?


Possible Secondary adhesion or fisheye problems from excessive amine blush ‘might’ make it a poor choice for surfboards. 



1.5kg was the same price as resin research (my usual choice). However shipping was free, order resin research costs me £10 in postage. 

The prices get a little cheaper for this new stuff over RR as quantities increase.

The stuff i usually use is  $180 for same amount plus $100 for dangerous goods post charge,

The seller states its for surfboards etc and i sent them an email to confirm that and reponce was positive.

There was also cheaper stuff on ebay $90 they also say its for surfboard industry but didn’t  chose this one because its not bright clear

In Australia we have high freight charge for dangerous goods

I just finished a phone call with the man dezz lawson who owns composite packaging. 

This stuff is high quality without sesilic acid so wont go yellow. 

Sandable and polish able. 

He also said he makes a 5 minute clear that can be used for surfboards and soon he will be making solar cure epoxy.

He said to call in a month and he’ll send some solar epoxy for me to try.

Imagine that solar cure epoxy ’ wow’

He said it works the same as polyester solar just lam the board and stick it in the sun and wamow she’s cured 

The pot life or gell time above 15 c is 1 hour according to dezz who ownes the company that produces the stuff

Call the number on the bottle first page