Ecuadorian Surf Team needs help in France

Kind of a long shot but the Ecuadorian Surf team has had their boards broken by the airlines. In Biarritz for a competition. Anyone able to help them? Here is what I know so far “We arrived in France after 20 hours of flight, with the worst news unfortunately for mismanagement and attention of the office of Quito and Iberia we don’t have surf boards, broken suitcases and work equipment broken, now pray to God Q arrive before world starts. The representation of the national surf team of Ecuador is at stake…”.

Donald and Joel awaiting to deplane in France watched in horror as their board we loaded sideways in the baggage tram, 9’6" doesn’t fit through an 8 foot doorway, all of the boards snapped

I measured the bottom of the smallest buses and made my boards to not be too long to fit sideways. At this time the only contact info I have is…

Hi Ace. What exactly is needed? I live just south of Biarritz and if there is anything I can do I will.

The only contact info I have so far is the facebook link for Dominic. I am in California and had this sent to me from Ecuador. I will try and get more info on what is needed. If I can get more contact info I will update. Thanks for any help.

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I am in Capbreton, just a couple kms north of Biarritz. If there’s anything I can do, let me know.

The only contact info I have is the Facebook page. There is a email option. They are at the ISA contest. If you are nearby or at the contest try to find them and say “Hola”. I am still trying to find more contact info from here, California. Just look for the yellow blue red Ecuadorian flag on the beach.

I sent a contact number via PM…