editing my LOCATION tagged to my profile + OR editing an AD

Hello All,

My profile/tag says I’m in Tiburon, I want to NOT be “tiburon, Ca” and the reality is…“Santa Cruz, CA”

Can I update this somehow, I looke on my profile and such, looked through the “how to use SW’s”


ALSO, I posted an add w/“local sale hopefully” and then my location is Tiburon. Santa Cruz is 70 miles away.

I can’t find how to backtrack through my ad posting to update info as to where I really am.


thanks for any info or pointing me in the right direction. I’m pretty computer savvy but not so in this case.


     Howzit surfmystic, I changed my location when I moved to Az and I think you first go to your profile and start there. Aloha,Kokua


wow, somehow I could NOT find/figure that out yesterday. Well, saturday’s here, and I’m that much smarter.

easy-peasy, thanks for the obivious help.

not sure why I was unable to locate that…

you know about EVERYTHING! thanks.


     Howzit surfmystic, It's not that I know about everything,it's just that what I do know about I am willing to share. Aloha,Kokua