I am considering trying this foam but I need info on where to get it (in Hawaii)/ how to use it. Do i need to cut it myself or does anyone make preshaped blanks from this foam. Is there any extra steps when shaping or anything i should know? Do i need to spackle it? of so how should it be done? Any info in appreciated.

There is a manufacturer of EPS foam in Hawaii but I don’t know if they have EDRO equipment. Insulfoam in Chino Ca. does. With the EDRO foam we use you don’t have to seal but it looks better, cosmetically, if you do. Clyde Beatty in Santa Barbera has blanks. 805-965-3180

Thanks Greg!

Greg, What does EDRO mean? Thanks, Rob Olliges

EDRO is a company in Italy that makes molding equipment.