The laws of supply and demand dictate that there will be an effect felt in Australia. Shortages increase prices - product will move to where profits are higher. If shapers are willing to pay more for blanks and surfers are willing to pay more for boards in the US, board and blank prices will rise in Australia too. Expect a slight drop in the number of crew at the Superbank this summer - they’ll all be beavering away blowing blanks or finishing containers of boards for the states

Considering how far we’ve moved to a WORLD economy over a NATIONAL economy, I’d bet money that your polyurethane

blank prices are going to go up (polyurethane? what’s that, I say?). Especially until the blank manufactures are able to get up to full capacity. God forbid, even that is going to leave a big gap between supply meeting demand. The creation of capacity (making additional machines, hiring more imployees, etc), is where the solution’s at, but who knows when that will be here?

Anyway, this weekend I will go and pick up some epoxy resin and EPS foam.