Effects of a stringer

If i shape a board without a stringer, what will be the effect on the board? im guessing more flex? maybe it might be easier to break because there is nothing holding it except the glass around it. anyone with info or has shaped a board with no stringer please help!

PU boards w/ no stinger will have plenty of flex but no strength…

A polystyrene epoxy/carbon fiber arrangement can make up for some of the weakness. Try searching the archives for “stringerless”

I have made several stringerless boards, all under 6’ with poly blanks and no problems.

The best was a 5’7" retro fish I made in March, I glassed it double 4oz. deck and single 6 oz. bottom, glass on wood keels. I have ridden this board hard for about 5 months, and just recently it stress cracked on the deck under my back foot, but other than that, no problems. It has out lasted most traditional super light thrusters that my friends have been riding. I wouldn’t recomend it for longboards because I think it would be too much leverage and break, but shorties are fine, and it makes the a lot lighter