Effects of entry rocker?

I was wondering what the effects of bringing your entry rocker back. Bert said this is good to loosen up your board. I watched the J.C. shaping 101 video and he said he brings the entry rocker back up to 10 inches behind center. So I guess my question is how far back is to far back and what would be the effects of this? I imagine if a shorter rocker in the tail creates a sharper turn then this could be good for an above average surfer or not? Any info would be great thanks. Da Cheetah

InMyHumbleOpinion, entry rocker makes quite a difference. As does tail rocker, and many other divisions of the overall rockers. hahaha.

10" behind center? That would create a more abrubt tail rocker, which would make it more manueverable, and a ‘tail rider’, but how it relates to the overall rocker, outline, and overall foil of the rocker flow is the 64 thousand dollar question.

10" behind center sounds like the very max to me. Maybe others have better opinions than I do on this. This post might be better answered in the Rocker Apex Revisited thread. Check the links/posts and the rocker link to get a better visualization of the overall rocker.