Egg building rocker and others?

hello again,

I am shaping an egg for a good friend and want it to turn out right so i have four questions if anyone can help??
the mesurements: 7’6″ x 3" x 22″

1- fin positioning, toe in etc… for truster set up

2- i choose a rocker template with 3.5″ N / 2.5″ T is it ok ??? (for an egg)

3- what would be the best combo of fiberglass cloth?? i was thinking 6oz bottom and 6oz+6oz on the deck ( do i need extra??? can i get away with less??)

4- Not related but always wondered if i am puting two layers of fiberglass cloth on the deck and one is 4oz and the other is 6oz, does the order in witch i lay them mathers? like heavy first and lighter on top or the other way arround?

Cheers and good waves
Also i want to thank to all swaylocks users for the help and suppport i have been getting online.
thank you very much