egg dims



brand new here. i’ve read loads on this forum so far; the amount of info in overwhelming! it’s brilliant! so thanks to all for that, hope someday i could return something to this forum. so i was looking for eeg dims and i’m not really finding a thread that has the info thats satisfying. i’d like to build one arround 7 and 22 1/2. not sure either on the rail quad or mckee, maybe even as a five fin or single. i’d like to know tail and nose dims and i’ll push my luck if any there are takers on rocker, any previous experience? i saw a blue egg robin mair did, sexy looking thing. just looking what works really before making one and it surfing like a hybrid of a turd and a cork!



Speed egg:  7' x 15" x 22 1/2" x 16" x 2 1/2- 3"

Fun egg: 7' x 17" x 22 1/2" x 16" x 2 1/2- 3"


Both in quad / thruster convertable fin configuration.

Relaxed rockers.

This just my take on it.  My eggs range from 6' to 9'3".

Have fun.



thanks uncled!

JJ, try pming Reverb. His eggs are some of the best made. They have beautiful lines and he knows his stuff.


ps. Uncle D, I used to suscribe to the relaxed rocker theory on my eggs but after reading Reverbs' take on them I'm converted to the increased tail rocker just in the last 12 inches. Good release on hollower faces. Check out some of his photos.

Hollower faces....  I am too fat, old and slow for hollower faces!  LOL!  That is the funky part about building my own boards, I got too many of them.  I just bust out a semi-gun or more of a short board shape when the waves get hollower. I like to use my eggs in knee to a few feet overhead stuff.  I like to hang out just inside of the longboarders and outside of the short boarders and catch the ones that the longboarders can't catch or don't go for. 

Eggs are the bomb and so much fun.  And yes, guys like  Charlie Wong likes a lot of nose rockers on his speed eggs.  I like less tail rocker with quads on my eggs however, I push the fins about an inch or two more forward that you would a thruster.  This makes the boarder faster and quicker turning for me.  I learned this from  riding one of Joe Blair's quads.  That guy can shape eggs that can fly and turn quickly.


There are always one than one way to skin a cat.


Uncle D

You ain't foolin' anybody Uncle D. The type of boards you like tell me you can still surf with the kids. Mahalos for turning me on to Joe Blair, I dig his stuff too. Was going to mention him to Makakilo about big guy boards. Aloha.

Aloha tblank:

You are correct.  Surfing Joe's board does make me feel like a kid.  I remember a pretty lady paddling up to me at three's and told me, "I see that you were carving your name on that last wave".  I told her, "I fell off when I was trying to dot the "i"." That quad egg can rip!

I think I will take it out tomorrow to surf Bomburas (magic Island- Ala Mona)  after work.  There is a South swell rolling in.  Do you remember those "Mothers Day" town swells?  I am excited.

I mentioned Blair to Makakilo and suggested his double wing quad but he does not like quads.




Uncle D, hope you have a blast out at Bombura. I used to love those far out line ups. We don't get that over here, the breaks are (mostly) right on shore. That perspective of being 1/4 mile out and looking back at all the green hills....I sure miss it!

Have a great time!!


ps. Check out Reverbs' eggs, they're built for speed.