egg edge

I pulled the mid and tail in a bit and moved wide fwd(re: too wide thread). now, I going to put a 10" box in, trailing edge 6" from the tail putting the front of the box at 16". I’m planning on a single fin but may put sides in later if needs be. my question is how far up should my hard edge be from the tail, where should I start the transition?

I usually start the hard edge in the tail any where from 18-24 inches from the tail, depending on the length of the board. Eggs are fun! FD

i start my around 16-18 inches up from the tail. austin

JR what kind of rails are you gonna put on it?

low with tuck

yea im building a 7’0 retro single fin. its eggish and i put a little zip in the rails. kinda like chine…kinda pinched…i dunno but i bet its fun. Austin

Almost forgot to describe the glass job…the bottom is a cut lap blue resin tint with 6oz and a 6oz fin patch. the top is an opaque midnight blue cutlap with a 6-4-6…4 being a deck patch. to top it off a leash loop instead of a plug. i cant wait to ride it

mine are lookin fat and low not pinched.

sounds like my last girlfriend! Howzit JR? Staying busy in St. Auggie I see. Post a pic when you get it done. ed

will do, ed. life is wonderful!

whenever you finish this board post pics so i can check it out. thanks, austin.

i didnt mean to post that picture, sorry.

good work